Selling The RV

Selling The RV 1
Inside our RV

Traveling fulltime forces a person to experience an unprecedented amount of change. "Consistent," "regular," and "predictable" are a few words that were absent from our vocabulary this year. We've know an evolving lifestyle that has changed who we are.

Change is a positive thing. It provides new perspective and increased potential, but today we long to once again be settled. To live in the same house, go to the same grocery store, and live near the same neighbors.

All that said, we have decided to sell our rig and move back into our house in Tucson, AZ. Stephanie is 10 weeks pregnant with #3 and we want to be in our house when the baby is born.

Right now we are visiting friends in Camano Island, WA. Our prayer is that we sell the trailer here and then head straight to AZ. Our renters are moving out at the end of this month and we will move back into our house this October. If the RV does not sell before we leave Washington, we will sell it once we get back to Tucson.

If you are interested, we have a 36' 2001 Cameo LXI Carriage with 3 slides.

36 comments on “Selling The RV”

  1. You guys have had quite an adventure this year and have inspired us so much! We welcome you home...and hope it's a smooth and easy transition.

  2. Congrats on making a decision that works for your family right now! Hope Stephanie starts feeling better soon!

  3. Congrats on Baby #3! You guys have covered so much ground this year--literally and otherwise!--so much to be proud of, and such a wonderful experience for your family. I am also pregnant with my 3rd, so I understand the desire to focus on home right now, good for you guys!

  4. Wow! I just saw your post.
    I am so excited for your growing family to be headed back this way.
    I am sure that this has been no easy decision for you all, but the "hearts towards home" are totally understandable.
    We will be praying for a smooth transition, strength for you all, and some relief for Stephanie.

  5. I hope Stephanie gets to feeling better soon and that you are able to quickly find a buyer for the RV. Congrats on a year well-spent, the memories and lessons will never leave you.

  6. Tough decision - but sounds like the right one for your family. Praying for a quick sale and painless transition back to the house.

    1. Thanks Mike - We will have to do another trip in the future to experience more of the west coast.

      If you drive through Tucson this winter, I-10 is just minutes from our house. Come and visit us again!

      1. Will do! We enjoyed AZ and I know the kids would like to be there again this winter (albeit up in Mesa where their new friends are).

  7. Wow, congratulations on moving back home! We just found out I am pregnant (6 weeks) and I definitely understand the need for consistency in this time. I have immensely enjoyed following your family's journey this year and I wish you the best in the new phase of life.

    PS - I comment pretty regularly on Metropolitan Mama .... please tell Stephanie I miss her and hope she feels better soon!

  8. I haven't been on MM or on here in SO long and it looks like I have missed some really exciting news!!
    I am so excited that Steph is preggers again!! And we can't wait to have you back in Tucson! Let us know when you get back in the "Old Pueblo", we will be excited to see you!

    Safe travels and give Steph a big "feel better" hug for me!

  9. I'm so happy for baby #3 coming, but I was really looking forward to meeting up with you guys. You really inspired us and we start our tour in October. Good luck with the sale!

    1. Hey! Sorry for delay. We left from Tulsa this week and are in Joplin, MO currently and will make our way east to TN. We're making a southern loop to start then evaluate where we are and how we'll continue for the next 6 months. We also are volunteering as we go. :)

  10. We have been following you since the beginning and you are such an inspiration to us. So much so that we are preparing for our own 'tour' and serving adventure! Launch date is hoping to be July 1, 2012. We reside in Portland, Oregon. Are you guys still in Camas? If you have the time we would love to pick your brain on a few things!

  11. I can't wait for you guys to return to Tucson (VCC). I will have a latte waiting for you, Tim and a hot apple cider waiting for Stephanie. Congratulations on #3.

    1. We will look forward to the drinks. I have been practicing making lattes up here. My maple leaf artwork still needs some work though.

  12. I cant say I'm not feeling selfish and jumping for joy inside! Hope you're able to sell the RV easily and quickly and that Steph is starting to feel better soon. Let us know if you need anything as you transition back to Tucson!

  13. I was just was wondering when you were going to be heading our way. I guess you won't! Sad! But I am glad that you will be getting settled into your home again soon!

  14. Did you sell it? Been thinking of you guys a lot lately. Hope things are settling back into a new (or old?) normal!

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