House For Rent - Vail, AZ

House For Rent - Vail, AZ 1

Stephanie and I have been scratching things off of our to-do list each day. We only have a few more things left to take care of before we hit the interstate eastbound for San Antonio.

House For Rent - Vail, AZ 2

One of the most pressing things we would like to scratch off before we go is renting our house.

You may recall that we actually had a renter who signed a 1-year lease back in November. They lived there for 6 weeks and then moved out (he lost his job). So here we are...back at square one.

Our immaculate 3bdr/2ba house is in Vail, AZ (a suburb of Tucson). It is 5 years old. It has an awesome view in a friendly neighborhood with excelling schools.

Please help us spread the news that our home is available for rent by posting the rental listing on your blog or facebook wall, sending it by e-mail to friends or colleagues, or tweeting out the link. (Thank you for your help!).

17 comments on “House For Rent - Vail, AZ”

  1. Could you please send me more pictures of your rental home or direct me to where I could find more. I haven't seen this on any other website. My husband and I are most likely moving to Vail soon and I am having a little bit of trouble finding a good home to rent. Thank you,

    Faith Johnson

  2. Did you try listing with AHRN? It is the site the military uses to find rental properties near bases. We rented our house out to a great military family when we left Vail a year and a half ago. It only took about 3 weeks to rent and would have been less if we had actually been in town to show it. We missed out on a couple of renteers bc they need housing so quickly and we couldn't coordinate showings.

    If you want more info, let me know. Good luck!

    1. Yes, thanks for the suggestion. We actually have the house listed on the AHRN site. I have a few flyers in the housing office at DM also.

  3. Hi,

    I was directed to you blog by two friends of mine here in Virginia - Kelli Perkins and Terri Walsh. We're moving to Tucson in March (or April at the latest.) Would you be willing to allow us to sign a six-month contract? Also, is $1100/mo a possible rental fee?

    Thank you so much for any information you can provide!
    Jenny Mathis

    p.s. ... Your home is darling!

  4. p.s. again - My hubby will be working at the VA Hospital -- looks like your home would be close by!! :)

    1. Jenny - Glad you like the house. :) We are hoping to rent it as soon as possible. If it is still available when you move to Tucson you are welcome to go see it.

      Feel free to check with us when it gets close to the time you will be moving.

      A bit early but - Welcome to Tucson.

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