Day #98: Give Exercise to Your Body

Day #98: Give Exercise to Your Body 1

Running is something we used to do often - all four of us together. I would push our double jogger and run next to Stephanie, but lately it has been difficult to make happen. We keep changing campgrounds, jogging-friendly paths are not always easily accessible, and our jogging stroller isn't as much fun for the girls on rocky, uneven terrain.

We have been feeling a bit frustrated about exercise (or lack thereof) so this morning when Stephanie said, "I am going to go for a run" I was encouraged by her initiative. The girls and I ate breakfast as we waited for her return.

Tonight, just after dinner, the thought crossed my mind that I should go on a run too. I ran a few miles alone through the woods, near a huge river. It was exhilarating. I saw deer 3 times (six Whitetail - no antlers) and came back so muddy I had to hose off my shoes.

Both of us feel great tonight. A little exercise makes a huge difference!

Is it just us or do you sometimes find it difficult to actually "go" and exercise?

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    1. The hardest part for both Stephanie and I is the getting going. Without fail, after we are done we are happy about it. Once you are out of a routine the worse part is starting up again.

  1. Oh I have found it SO difficult since having a baby, but MORE so now that the baby is much more active. When he just kind of lay around playing with his mobile, it was easy to ask my husband to "watch the baby" for an hour while I went out to exercise. Now "watching the baby for an hour" means stopping EVERYTHING to make sure he doesn't fall down stairs, eat something inedible, and what not! Making exercising take a back seat. Luckily we don't have the difficulty of moving from place to place like you have but still...

    1. Once we had both girls we decided running was our best option - free, great exercise, and we could do it from home.

  2. I know I should go more often, but usually I'm sitting in my chair and I'm tired and I think, I'm just not going to go tonight. But then I do and I find I have way more energy (and thus stay up way too late) when I'm done. Swimming is my preferred method of exercise so I have to do it at night because there's no child care at the Y pool!

  3. I also feel so much better when I am done exercising. I have trouble with just doing it. It is hard to find time in the day to get it done. I try to do it first thing in the morning before anyone gets up. I got a Wii fit for Christmas and have wandered from my regular routine but I am really trying to get back into the swing of it. Once the "season" officially starts at the Campground (Thousand Trails in Advance) I will get plenty of exercise. At that time I will need to find time to sleep.

  4. Yes, I DO find it difficult to get going exercising, because it's about to be a thousand degrees outside every day here in Phoenix! Summer time is always my worst time in maintaining a regular exercise program here! My husband and I do the same thing you guys do though, stick the girls in the double jogging stroller and head out (when it's not so hot that we'll melt!) Or, to get in some harder workouts, we'll alternate days where one of us goes biking alone while the other one runs with the girls and then switch the next day. I like being able to take the girls with us on runs, but I can only go so far pushing them both!

  5. Good for both of you! It's hard to get going with exercise!

    I have had a hard time since our son was born in November 2008. He has never been a great sleeper and wakes up at 5 AM, so when he does nap, I'm too exhausted to exercise. I know that in the end, I'll feel more energetic if I exercise. I just need someone to light a fire underneath me!

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