Day #55: Give Literacy to Your Children

Day #55: Give Literacy to Your Children 1

Today, like every day, I spent time reading with our girls.

They both love books!  They are eager to soak up the knowledge found on each page.

On most days, we read dozens of children's books with them - even when we're tired, even when we've read a book a hundred times already.

We were out most of the day today, but before dinner I read Lady and the Tramp, 102 Dalmatians, and Dumbo.

My commitment is that our girls will remember me reading many stories with them. They will remember me reading and writing on my own too so that they know it is important. While they are young, I want to give them the gift of loving to read.

If you have small children, do you read to them regularly? What are your/their favorite children's books?

9 comments on “Day #55: Give Literacy to Your Children”

  1. What a beautiful picture!
    Yes, we read multiple times during the day and night- pre nap, pre bedtime, and whenever asked.
    And I know that it is an easy way out- but there are just too many favorites to list... (at least here!)

  2. We read daily too! Our favorites? I'm not sure what to list! I have several books that I've had since I was a child - Sugar loves to read those, along with the Mr. Putter & Tabby books I've been collecting since I was a teenager, and there are so many others we love too! Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit series, all the classics and several fun new books too - Have you seen the "Quack, Quack, Moo" and "Duck for President" books - those are fun to read!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions.

      I haven't read Quack, Quack or Duck.

      We will look for them at the library tomorrow.

      *** Just looked at Amazon. Did you mean "Thump, Quack, Moo?"

  3. It's wonderful that you are deliberately making good memories for your children. I always wonder what my girl will take away from childhood.

    1. I am sometimes surprised how much the things we do each day are influencing my oldest. Even when we are not "intentionally" teaching, she is still forming ideas about who she wants to become. Kids are amazing!

  4. We read to our girls at least every night. Our daughters have different rooms and I put them to bed one at a time - it is our time. They each get to pick 2 books - sometimes more or less depending on how long each book was. I have read to my oldest since she was an infant - 6 months or younger I started reading to her. My youngest child took longer to enjoy being read to. She would not allow it until she was around 2.

  5. Our older daughter LOVES books. She would probably be content to sit and be read to all day long. We always said we wouldn't say no to reading, but she asks all day long. We usually read 3-4 books at bedtime and then another 30 minutes - 2 hours during the day, depending on what is going on. Some favorites are Mo Willem's Piggie and Elephant books, Berenstain bears, anything Pooh, Skippy Jon Jones, My first Little House books, and plenty of others. Our younger daughter is just getting into books (she is only 13 months old), but her favorite is 10 Little Ladybugs, and she also loves all the Karen Katz books.

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