Day #112: Give with Community Services Center in Williamsburg, VA

Day #112: Give with Community Services Center in Williamsburg, VA 1

The Historical Triangle Community Services Center is a non-profit that rents out building space at a low cost to nine local non-profits.

The center acts as a destination for people in need of social services. People can obtain counseling, food and clothing assistance, parenting education, programs for their small children, and transportation - all under one roof.

The 9 agencies in the building (including United Way, Head Start, FISH, others...) collectively work together to improve the community.

In a lot of ways I like the idea of a central location for getting help. I wonder though: Is it always better to operate this way or if there are times when the agencies are less effective because of their proximity?

What do you think of the "one-stop-shop" model for social services? Is there anything like this in your community?

Our Pledge

We hereby pledge:

- To spend intimate, quantity time with our family.
- To actively help the poor, the sick, the lonely, and the helpless.
- To value, protect, and advocate for children.
- To de-emphasize the importance of “stuff” in our lives.
- To bring publicity to good causes and good people.
- To live with intentionality, as if this year was our very last.
- To observe the needs in our country/community – and then do something about them.
- To give – every day.

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