Day #43: Give to Someone Carrying Too Much

Day #43: Give to Someone Carrying Too Much 1

Today was filled with adventures at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Epcot Center. The four of us were able to spend the entire day together so that was very nice.

We took a chartered bus from our hotel to the Animal Kingdom. When we were boarding the bus to make our way back to the hotel there was a family in line near us with two small boys. The husband was attempting to carry the two boys and the wife was trying to get on the bus with a double jogger.

Even though it was folded up the jogger was still a big load for her. She was struggling to position it correctly so that she could walk up the steps into the bus. I ask, "Do you need help? Allow me to carry the stroller." Both spouses smiled and the wife said, "I'm not really strong enough to carry this big thing."

Do you notice when people are carrying awkward or heavy loads? Do you offer to help?

5 comments on “Day #43: Give to Someone Carrying Too Much”

  1. I love how you are living your life. I have used the word intentionally when I talk about your family. Every day has a purpose and no matter how big or small the act of kindness is, you touch someone each day. Actually, you touch many people each day, from those who you bestow your acts of kindness and generosity on and those of us who read about it.

    Last week in church a woman in front of me was struggling to reach behind her to grasp her cardigan. She is elderly and I would not want to scare her by touching her or offend her by helping without asking but I felt badly that she could not reach the arm of her sweater. Gently I touched her arm and helped her by draping the sweater over her shoulder. I know if she were my grandmother she would have wanted the help. So I helped. The small things are very sweet.

  2. I love this! I have to climb stairs to my apartment and now with the new baby it's an extra heavy load. When I come home after shopping or going for a walk I have to lug the stroller, baby, groceries and kid all up the stairs, so I always appreciate when a neighbor offers to help

  3. I am always on the lookout for people with kids to help out. With three little ones of my own I know how difficult it can be to juggle kids + anything! Often times it is just opening a door for someone! The other day at WalMart, I had a different experience. I was in the dairy section getting a gallon of milk. I noticed an older lady in one of those motorized basket carts. She was having difficulty standing up to get to the milk. At first I hesitated, I didn't want to embarrass her - but something inside said, 'help her'. So I said, "Can I help you? Which milk would you like" she told me, I got it for her. She thanked me, I told her it was my pleasure. As I was walking away I heard her say "What a blessing!" I said a small prayer of thanks for being a part of that blessing.

  4. I'm usually the one trying to carry everything... including the kitchen sink :) So I always appreciate it when someone helps me like this! It's amazing how much stuff you can wind up with when you've got two little ones with you - an extra change of clothes, diapers, sippy cups, the stroller, a favorite stuffed animal...

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