We Bought A Truck

We Bought A Truck 1
We Bought A Truck 2

It's a 2004 F-250 King Ranch. 4X4. Diesel. Crew Cab.

This week, we need to:

  • purchase and install a sliding 5th wheel hitch
  • purchase and install suspension airbags
  • purchase and install a brake controller
  • complete a few other maintenance tasks

Heigh-Ho. Off to work we go.

9 comments on “We Bought A Truck”

  1. Nice! Y'all will be hitting the road in no time. It's so exciting to watch it all come together.

  2. Some more suggested to-dos ('cause I know you don't have enough..;)

    - A low-profile toolbox for the bed. Ours holds all tools plus trailer levelers, wheelchocks, truck fluids and still has enough empty space for groceries or laptops.

    - Additional rear lighting. I used "tractor lights" from Tractor Supply - these help greatly when setting up the trailer after dark, also just when backing up in dark campgrounds.

    - On board air. Not sure if Tim had this on his Jeep or not, I did but find it way more useful on the truck now. Being able to keep all tires at proper inflations without having to negotiate the trailer into a gas station for that purpose is really nice. I did a write-up of my install here: http://b4a.us/a/4984

    Not sure if you guys are planning on hauling bikes, but we had a terrible time keeping 4 adult-size bikes on the back of the trailer and ended up putting a Yakima rack system on the roof of the truck. So far so good. If we didn't need to stand on the bed edges to get bikes up on the truck I'd also be looking for a vinyl tonneau cover for use when not towing - so you can use more of the bed for "secure" storage.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. Good ideas.

      Too bad my fiberglass tonneau can't roll up. It looks good, but is big and heavy and I don't have long to sell it.

  3. So excited to hear about all your travels! Boo on Chevy! I was pulling for you on Twitter!

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