We Bought a 5th Wheel RV

Quick announcement:  We have an RV sitting in the driveway!

The past weeks have been filled with craigslist and newspaper searches for a motorhome or 5th wheel. About a week ago, we decided to stop looking at motorhomes and narrow our search to only 5th wheel camper trailers. Two days ago, we finally found one that had everything we need.

We Bought a 5th Wheel RV 1
We Bought a 5th Wheel RV 2

We will post more images (including a video tour) soon but we wanted you to know the exciting news. The trailer is a 2001 Cameo Carriage - LXI. It is 36 feet long and will be nearly 14k pounds once all our belongings are inside and the water tanks are full.

Now the search is on for a 1-ton crew cab truck!

11 comments on “We Bought a 5th Wheel RV”

  1. Congratulations! This looks great!! I'm glad you went with the 5th wheel. I think i will be very helpful to have the truck to drive around town when you are in one place for a while, and it will keep you all close together when you are traveling between locations. I'm very excited for you!

  2. So happy for you guys. I'm sure that one feels REALLY good to cross off the long 'to do' list before you guys head out. And I'm secretly relieved too that you guys opted for a 5th wheel rather than the oft-glamorized motor home. I think you guys will end up being happier being able to detach from your 'home on wheels' at times and now you want have that motor home-broken-all-the-time issue that most everyone I know who has ever owned a motor home seems to experience. Good luck to you! And if you guys end up in Northern CA and need a place to stay, please contact me. We'd love to have you guys over.

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