We Almost Became a Reality TV Show

We Almost Became a Reality TV Show 1

This Sunday will mark Day# 100. It is hard to believe that we are that far along.

We plan to have a surprise party for the girls when they wake up that morning - a mini celebration here in the RV. Stephanie and I are going to blow up ballons and decorate the fifth wheel the night before when they are tucked in bed. We want our girls to know we appreciate their caring hearts and the sacrifice they have made - even though they are children.

Did you know that before we launched GiveEveryDay we signed a contract with a TV production company and almost turned GiveEveryDay into a reality show? At the very last second (before we left Tucson), the network changed their mind. They were concerned that our show wouldn't have "enough drama."  I don't know what they were thinking. Our transmission blew up on Day #1. My front tooth fell out on Day #13, and there have been plenty of other frightening moments along the way. Not to mention all of the incredible people and places we have encountered. Nevertheless, we do have the never-seen-before promo video that we will reveal this Sunday. I think you will have fun watching it.

Before Sunday though, our goal is to have 1,000 Facebook Followers. Would you help us get there? If you haven't already "liked" GiveEveryDay on Facebook, please do so. If you have an audience of your own [Facebook, a blog, a business, twitter, etc.], it would be great if you shared GiveEveryDay with them.

Here is the link to GiveEveryDay's FB page!

8 comments on “We Almost Became a Reality TV Show”

  1. I think Musings has it right... :) A reality TV show about a family that really loves each other? Sounds like something the airwaves could really benefit from! Oh well - the TV show would have spread the word about Give Every Day to more people, but you are doing a great job without it.

  2. Congratulations on Day 100! It's hard to believe it's been that long. Has it gone by quickly for you as well?

    I'll bet you have more freedom on this journey without a production company bossing you around! I'm surprised the network took a pass on the show though. I watch 19 Kids and Counting, and there isn't a lot of the bad kind of drama on that show (they all get along). It seems Give Every Day would match up well with those viewers.

    1. Thanks. In one hand, it seems like we just started. On the other, it feel like we have been doing this for a long time. I think that is a good thing.

  3. I'm convinced Hollywood drama isn't real...Its all contrived anyway. There are actually people in the world who would like to see something positive and uplifting and healthy on television. Their loss! ;)

  4. Aw! It would have been to watch you on TV. That would be one reality show I would have tuned in for.

  5. Yeah, I don't think your trip's drama would be dysfunctional enough for reality TV drama! Which is a shame, since that's exactly why I don't watch reality television, and I've actually thought a few times while following all of your adventures that this would've made a good documentary series or reality-type show.

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