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The weeks before launching GiveEveryDay were crammed full of preparation. We had truck and trailer maintenance, passports to renew, mailing addresses to update, a house to rent, and what felt like (at the time) an unsurmountable list of things to accomplish before we left.  I worked full-time until the end of November so nearly everything happened in December and January. We departed Tucson, AZ on February 6th, 2011.

In the midst of all the chaos, we filmed part of our story on our iphones. 12 Forward approached us and turned the footage into a TV show sizzle for a prospective reality TV show. The company submitted it to the Oprah Women's Network...and they almost said yes. The network even delayed our departure date as the video went through several committees. In the end, the show didn't come to pass - but we thought we'd share the promo video with you.

Our goal was never to get on TV so the result wasn't a disappointment, but I'm glad we have this documentation. It's fun to look back and watch how the story unfolded, to remember how God has taken care of us every step of the way. Keep in mind that we filmed it ourselves (on our phones) in-between our every day be nice.

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  1. Well done, guys. I really like it. It's a good promo video for your adventures. That said, I am glad that you aren't doing a show. I think it would be too compromising. There were several things in the video that were really impacting... maybe just hearing your voices and seeing you say the same things you've been writing about. Thanks for that! And... CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! I am looking forward to some good fellowship and lots of outdoor fun!

    1. True. Even in the promo all of our references about God and why we are giving every day were cut out. We don't exactly share the same values as Hollywood.

      Can't wait to see your family too!

  2. Super fun to watch! :) I would have loved watching you on TV, but I'm glad in a way that you aren't on TV as I really do feel that changes people.

  3. I am having trouble on my computer watching the the video. I will try later. I am sad you have left us here in Advance. I did not see ya'll after the Hay ride so I went looking for you today to wish ya'll a Happy 100th day of Giving. I will read your blogs to keep up with where you are, how you are doing and what you have done. May God Bless and keep you safe in your travels. I feel so blessed to have met your family and you have very precious girls who are very well behaved. Take care and be safe!

      1. Yes, I did finally get to watch it and it was GREAT!!!!!! I would so watch you guys on TV. I think it would be great to have something positive on TV again. Although it would change your lives so much! The down side is it would be hard to go anywhere again without having people follow you! You are so welcome for the ice cream. I was just glad to see you again before you left. Thank you again for the cupcakes. They were so good! Zachary and I had a blast building towers with girls and knocking them over. I actually felt a little younger yesterday! Again, I wish you safe travels and will try to keep in touch often! What a better world this a would be with more families like you! :) Take care!

  4. Great to see & thanks for sharing on Twitter! I feel like we're partially on the same page - we have similar footage of our empty 2500 sq foot monstrosity of a home, our second car driving away, and many toys leaving the house. it's so wonderful to see others doing the same! :) Although - your new home is much bigger than ours! :) We had a tent trailer! lol :) We are purchasing a c-class though, so yay!

    As was said above, the video is wonderful! But, I am also glad you didn't do it. Hollywood has a way of making everything good and beautiful into a circus. I don't know you guys personally, but I feel you aren't about that, so yay!

    Sorry we missed you guys in Houston and Florida, and I hope we meet up with you soon! Travel safe!


      1. We missed each other in the Houston Space Center and in Florida :) We just sold the tent trailer and are in Toronto now until we leave for Europe for 6 months on June 15. We are still sussing out what we're doing in December. We'll either stay in Europe or head to Brazil or Costa Rica or something. Our original plan was to purchase the motor home in September and do another round of traveling in North America, but I think we might want to focus on expanding right now. We need to get off this continent for a while and learn more about the rest of the world. :)) We'll see though - our plans change daily! Are you guys heading up this way? I can't remember?


        1. Oh right, you said Europe on twitter. We are in NC now and will be in NJ the beginning of July. Mid-July we will head west to the pacific northwest. Then down the west coast.

          Brazil, Costa Rica, somewhere else - sounds awesome! We are right behind you.

  5. You guys are amazing! I love that you are finding meaing in your everyday life by stepping outside of your comfort zone. The TV show would have been awesome to reach people, but nontheless, you guys are great. Thanks for sharing

    1. We were just talking about "comfort zones" today. How traveling is allowing us to experience new people and places that are not necessarily like us.

  6. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed when I heard you might be doing a reality TV show. I just felt like it cheapened what you were doing somehow - and hearing you say that your parts about God were cut out... well, I'm just really glad it worked out the way it did. That said, I loved watching the promo video. It's fun to see you and hear your voices! :-)

    1. It was a good learning experience even though the show didn't come to fruition. The worst part was not knowing what was going to happen up until right before we left town.

  7. Thanks for sharing that video. I am glad to hear that you guys are doing good. Miss seeing you around church.

  8. Hi Guys......... great to watch this video. And let me just say WOW - great phone footage for sure. Hope all is going well and your still having a blast. Tell the girls that their beautiful plants are getting so big now!!
    Hope to catch up soon :)

    1. Okay - I was just thinking tonight that I should call you guys. The girls will be excited to hear the flowers are growing.

      Tell Troy I say, Hi.

    2. Suze - I think of you and your family often! What a wonderfully relaxing time we had in Woodbine - despite the mosquitos! ;)

      Thanks again for all of those 2T-sized clothes. Liv wears them all of the time!

  9. Well ... I loved the video and have been waiting to see it ever since you mentioned it. ;D
    The memories you're making while giving to others are precious. I truly wish Give Every Day would have become a reality show simply so others could learn and follow your example. Hugs to the Sheaffers!

  10. Beautiful! Made me tear up. More importantly made me want to live a meaningful life! Thank you for taking this journey for so many of us! I wish you evey blessing!

  11. Loved the video but I'm also glad you're not doing a show. I love following your journey and look forward to updates all the time. If you're ever in IL (Northwest suburbs), it would be great to meet your family. Safe travels!

    1. When we post our route heading west be sure to let us know if we will be crossing IL near you.

  12. Thanks for posting the video! It looks very professional and I loved the shots of the girls and the RV. What a wonderful keepsake of your journey!

  13. I'm sorta glad you didn't do it, because I think all that video time might have been a distraction to what you're really trying to accomplish. On the other hand, I would've been delighted to follow along via a weekly show and see all the places you've been.
    I am surprised they edited out ALL the God references, b/c after all, the Duggars talk about their faith a lot and their show is hugely popular... but yeah, that is Hollywood for you! :(

    So fun to see the promo though and hear you guys talk about the preparations! It makes it that much more real to see the tiny space you moved into!!!

  14. Loved your promotional video and I'm glad you had the opportunity to potentially go reality tv but i'm also glad it didn't happen. reading you feels more real than watching you in edited format.

  15. Wow! Love the video! Great job, guys! To bad about OWN not picking it up...but of course, God has a excited that you are sharing this journey with "us" in this way!

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