Stephanie's Biggest Fear - Well, Not Really

Stephanie and I have very similar tastes. We have a ton in common. We are both spontaneous. We like most of the same foods. A lot of our hobbies are the same.

But, there are a few things we differ on. I love coffee; she will only drink it if she is "cold."  I use most of our cell phone minutes each month; she talks for as few as possible. I tend to be more reserved when I first meet people; she makes people feel at ease right away.

When it comes to the Give Every Day tour, most of the worry I have is paying for everything. I keep thinking through the costs of a truck, our RV, medical bills, fuel, food, campground fees, etc.

Watch the video below to see what Stephanie is most afraid of.

Stephanie's Biggest Fear - Well, Not Really from Tim Sheaffer on Vimeo.

15 comments on “Stephanie's Biggest Fear - Well, Not Really”

  1. Well, I would be in trouble because those are both my fears! And I have to laugh Steph, someone taught you the way to give yourself time to think was to repeat the question! I'm guessing this was impromptu on Tim's part??? ;) Were you ever in any pageants or "programs"?

  2. You're so cute and I love how Tim kept the camera rolling for a few seconds at the end ;) I would me nervous about driving a big truck/5th wheel --- I have a feeling you'll pick it up pretty quickly though.


  3. I'm scared of driving in general. In fact the only times I do it is when I absolutely have to - like when our car was totaled and we borrowed a friend's car to go buy another one. I was forced to drive the new car home and of course I experienced a minor ahem, mishap while doing so. I need more practice driving for sure! Driving a huge vehicle like that, well, that would probably be my worst nightmare!

  4. Dude. Right there with you. I actually thought about this the other day when you guys popped up in my mind. I don't have a lot of confidence in my acquiring new driving skills since I STILL stink at parallel parking, even after attempting to learn it well over many many years now. You'll get it down though. And when you do, perhaps you can post again to let us all know that it can be done! :)

  5. Not a trivial fear at all! Before we hit the road, we ordered some of these and went out to an abandoned parking lot. We put the cones over the parking lot lines, lane lines, etc. and practiced driving around. One of us would drive and the other would watch, see which imaginary parked cars we would have smashed, and sometimes try to direct. It was invaluable to learn how much space we really needed to turn, and where it was wide and where it wasn't. We also worked on our "system" for backing into a campground site, since that is very much a two person job and you have to figure out what works for you guys.

  6. I don't blame you for being afraid of driving the truck and fifth wheel. I absolutely HATE when I have to drive with the trailer behind. It stresses me out the whole time and my hands hurt from clutching the wheel so tightly. I'll only do it when it absolutely makes sense for me to do it. Which I pray is as rarely as possible. But, lets be honest here, men really should always be the ones driving if the wife is in the car (unless they are legally blind, or tired, sick or just had a general anesthetic). :)

    1. Don't worry. Stephanie says she is scared, but she really knows that I will be the one behind the wheel most of the time - if not all of them time. I can see her needing to drive the truck (without the trailer) though.

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