Launch Sponsor: Lands' End

Launch Sponsor: Lands' End 1

Some things changed when we moved out of our 1800 sq ft house and into our 360 sq ft home.

For example, we had to buy new bed sheets. In our old house, we had a king bed and two doubles. In our fifth wheel, we have one queen bed and one twin.

Space is relative here in the RV. At least personal space.

Launch Sponsor: Lands' End 2

We replaced our sheets with super comfortable Lands' End sheet sets. Stephanie and I like white, so we chose all white sheets and pillowcases. They are great quality and have a timeless look to them.

Another thing you might not think of when you go on the road is your towels. We had a bunch of towels in our old house. All sorts of sizes and mismatched colors.

Launch Sponsor: Lands' End 3

Before we left town, we gave them all away and went to for replacements. Since we only have so much storage, we wanted the the "right" towels. Each of us have two now. One beach towel and one for the shower.

The beach towels are huge. I can completely cover both my girls with just one of them.

Lands' End is a trusted and reasonably priced brand carrying everything from clothing to home decor.

You may want to check out the Spring Sale - up to 50% off!

***My favorite thing about Lands' End is that if you have a Lands' End gift card you can buy Craftsman Tools instead and not waste a penny on underwear!

9 comments on “Launch Sponsor: Lands' End”

  1. Now Tim... money spent on underwear is not wasted money! Of course, my husband would completely agree with you and... if we ever were to travel around the country in an RV he'd take each and every one of those tools with him - even though we have so many tools (he's a mechanic/industrial maintenance tech guy by trade) that we have a separate insurance rider on our homeowners insurance to cover them! :)

    By the way - I love Lands End products - they always seem to hold up well!

    1. It is just that tools seem so much more productive. Underwear eventually get holes, but wrenches last forever!

  2. I am a huge Land's End fan! Their bathing suits are wonderful! I absolutely love how I can purchase a bunch through their website and then return the ones I do not like to Sears! So great!

    I had no clue they had is my question...are they soft??? My husband is super picky when it comes to sheets. High thread counts and incredibly soft is a must in his world!

    1. They are soft.

      But if you are looking to buy a new sheet set and need to be "super picky" it would probably be better to go into a local store and physically touch them.

      You can't go wrong if you feel how soft they are before buying them.

  3. Lands' End has an awesome return policy. I bought a winter coat from LE approximately a million years ago (okay, maybe it was 5 or 6). The zipper broke and even though I didn't have the original receipt, I was able to return it and get a new coat because the company guarantees its goods for life. I really recommend LE for their quality.

  4. We live in Wisconsin, and Land's End is based here, so we make it a point to support it. I'm glad you like their stuff! We have AWESOME sheets from there - they're super warm. I'm also lucky because we have a Land's End "Inlet" five minutes from our house. It's like heaven in there!

  5. Another good plus in their favor is their classic, great quality kids clothes - no Britney spears t-shirts, or short- shorts for 9 yr olds. I have always been happy with the stuff I get from them.

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