Heading West: July - August - September

Heading West: July - August - September 1

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 1/2 a year since we left Tucson, AZ. So far, we have volunteered with/interviewed over 40 non-profits, traveled through 14 States, and met amazing people.

This Sunday (July 10th), we will begin our voyage west. Please continue thinking of us and praying for us as we travel, learn, and strive to stay true to our pledge.

Leave a comment below if you want to meet as we move west or if you know of a non-profit organization or a business that we should visit on our route.

  • July 1-5 Lancaster, PA
  • July 6-10 Lebanon, PA
  • July 10-14 Millersburg, OH
  • July 14-19 Cincinnati, OH
  • July 19-23 Batesville, IN
  • July 23-27 Garden Prairie, IL [near Chicago]
  • July 27-30 Rochester, MN
  • July 30-August 3 Sioux Falls, SD
  • August 3-7 Rapid City, SD
  • August 7-8 Overnight
  • August 8-12 West Yellowstone, MT
  • August 12-13 overnighter
  • August 13-16 Spokane, WA
  • August 16-18 Leavenworth, WA
  • August 18-31 La Conner, WA
  • September 1-7  TBD, WA
  • September 7-24 La Conner, WA

33 comments on “Heading West: July - August - September”

  1. OH NO!!! We won't be here when you come through Washington. :( We are visiting the grandparents in Oregon until the 21st of August. Boo. Unless that free time you have the first of September you wouldn't mind driving back over the mountains to Wenatchee...

    Have fun in Yellowstone though and let me know if you have any questions, I spent 2 summers working there when I was in college!

  2. I like your route :) Although you still aren't coming down here through the midwest - I think it would take a couple of years to hit all of the US in the way you are going through. The way you are making the trip is the way I'd want to do it - not just stopping for a minute everywhere but spending a few days to a week or two everywhere you go.

    1. OK - this isn't really related to anything but I had to mention - my cousin has a band in Chicago - it's an off-beat Gypsy Jazz Band, a really fun style of music. I don't know if you'll be around the area when they are playing anywhere. Here's a link to their website: http://www.chicagogypsyjazz.com/

  3. in Chicago, IL area there is a ton! Wheaton College, Moody Bible Institute, but my personal preference is for The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) - http://www.teamworld.org - a mission organization of over 600 missionaries worldwide. Chicago is also a great city with lots to see for the kids/family. Enjoy your travels!

  4. You aren't heading through my town, but I wanted to suggest you might be able to help with flood relief in South Dakota. And be sure to check your routes ahead of driving that Minneapolis-Rapid City day as there could even be some roads closed due to flooding.

      1. The flooding is actually still happening so they probably aren't ready for repairs yet! There might be relief efforts to provide assistance to families displaced by the floods. I know a lot of the families impacted didn't have flood insurance and are probably struggling financially now as a result.

  5. Ten Thousand Villages is one of my favorite fair-trade shops. Their flagship store is in Ephrata, PA, which is quite close to Lancaster. They are run by the Mennonite Central Committee. It may be an interesting tour.

    1. Oops! I just noticed you've already moved on from Lancaster. You'll definitely have to check it out next time. :)

      1. We actually visited a Ten Thousand Villages shop when we were in Lancaster. You are right, very cool. We are impressed with the Mennonite community. They seem to be doing many things to help people.

  6. Good Luck and be safe on your voyage west. We are heading West soon too....leaving DE to head to Chicago to visit my aunt. There's a whole caravan of us.....12 of us plus 2 dogs driving to Chicago. We aren't leaving until July 28th though so you'll be gone before we even get there. There's a TON to do in Chicago. Make sure to take your girls to Millenium Park to play in the fountain and see the Big Bean. Navy Pier is also a really fun place to go. And there are several children's museums in the area....lots of museums in/around Chicago. :)

  7. When heading through South Dakota, on I-90 stop in Sioux Falls, SD, there's The Banquet which is a "soup kitchen" that almost always needs volunteers! Be sure to see The Falls in Sioux Falls, they're beautiful! And, as you continue West through the state, be sure to stop in Pierre, the dam is releasing water at unprecedented levels and is spectacular! There are also opportunities to help there (contact Pierre, SD Chamber of Commerce) as flooding has been substantial around that city this spring/summer! Drive through the Badlands (between Pierre and Rapid City) to see a landscape unlike any other! In Rapid City, don't miss Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, and there are many guided cave tours and rustic towns like Keystone to explore - hope you enjoy our great state of SD!

  8. You guys should try and visit Seattle during that first week of September. That is when we have the best weather. If you do make sure you see Pike's market, ride the monorail, see the space needle and if it is a hot day play in the fountain in the Seattle center. We are south of Seattle and my kids start school on the second so I can't show you around. I will try and think of some charities north of us

  9. This is good news....if you guys are okay with it, we'll hang out with you guys in Cincinnati for a day. Since Camille is just days older than your two yr old, they'll most likely have a blast :)

    1. Bummer we missed seeing you. I was distracted by getting our truck fixed (we were w/o a vehicle half the time we were there) and forgot you said that you were in Cincinnati.

      I am sure our kids would have had fun together. Now you will have to visit us out west. :)

  10. I hope you guys hit Tacoma/Puyallup, WA! It's about 45 minutes south of Seattle. We'd love to meet you all! Seattle is very cool though!

  11. There is a very large homeless population in Spokane WA. I lived there a few years ago and was overwhelmed by the need. The homeless shelter is always looking for inspiring people to teach their congregation. Might be a great place for you and Stephanie.

  12. Hey Tim and Stephanie! I'm about 3 hours away from Minneapolis, but I actually think I will be down there the weekend you are there. Would love to meet up with you guys if you have time! Let me know!

  13. Tim & Steph,

    Kevin and I would love to try to meet up with you the weekend of July 23-24th. We are out in the NW burbs but are willing to drive to meet up. Any free time one of those days? Feel free to email me.

    1. Sorry we didn't get to meet while we were in the area. We had some business meetings downtown that took up all of our extra time. That and paying tolls... :)

  14. Bummer bummer. We are moving to Spokane, WA the beginning of September. Hope ya'll have a fun drive West.

  15. I'm just an hour west of the Twin Cities so let me know if you have time for a get-together at the end of July! When in Minneapolis, I think you should look up Mary Jo Copeland of Sharing & Caring Hands. She is often profiled in the local media and it's for very good reason, what she's done to help the community is amazing.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. We ended up coming to Rochester instead of Minneapolis. We leave in the morning for South Dakota.

  16. You have GOT to check out The Davenport Hotel while you're in Spokane - even if you don't / can't stay there, at least walk through their breath-taking lobby and pick up a package of their peanut brittle in the hotel store. Amazing! (If you DO spend a night, their turn-down service will bring you a plate of still-warm, freshly made peanut brittle before bed! SOOO yummy! I mean, if you like peanuts!).
    And downtown Spokane is lovely lovely. But also a very needy area.... I can't wait to hear about the organizations you work with over there!

  17. You may already know this...but you're hitting Rapid City at the height of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Hope you have a place already in mind to park your rig as the Black Hills will be "extra populated". Enjoy the drive across our beautiful country.

    1. Thanks for thinking about that. We do have a reservation. The peak for the rally will be taking place the weekend after we leave.

Our family spent 2011 traveling the USA in an RV, striving to intentionally "give every day" for the glory of God. We interviewed CEOs of nonprofits and served alongside over 40 organizations and churches.

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