El Paso - "the first step" to a great adventure

"I don't know how to say it because it doesn't make sense," Tim looked over at me as we pulled out of El Paso yesterday morning, "but...I'm sort of glad we broke down."

El Paso - "the first step" to a great adventure 1

We drove into a city of strangers...and left with a caravan of friends. We arrived with a big scare...and ended with stronger faith. It was as if God was whispering to us, "I've got you."

After our transmission blew up, our friend Joe (from Tucson) contacted his friend Mike in El Paso (he was a great help, by the way) who contacted his friend Emily (who was the Public Relations Manager at Casa Ford).

Emily totally blew us away with her kindness. After barely meeting Tim and hearing our story, she invited us to her sister Leslie's birthday party at a cozy Italian restaurant [see right - their family took up the entire restaurant - it was awesome]. We wondered if it might be awkward. But...her family welcomed us and warmed our souls. They loved us so well that we both got tears in our eyes when we recounted the experience the day after.

El Paso - "the first step" to a great adventure 2

And the entire team at Casa Ford? Incredible! What a love-filled place with good-hearted people (how often can you say that about a car dealership?). We highly recommend them if you want to buy a car or need to get your vehicle fixed in El Paso. See left - that's Tim with the owner (a really cool guy with Christ in his eyes).

Go here to "like" the company on Facebook.

It's funny. At first, we were terrified to be stuck at Walmart with a bad transmission.

In the end, we left with an unexpected expense. More importantly, however, we left with encouraged hearts and a huge circle of new friends.

We also want to extend a BIG thank-you to Rhonda, Gene, Leslie, the entire "Garcia" family, Keith & Amy, Johnny & Christina, Claudia, Steve, our parents, and everyone else who encouraged us more than we can put into words.

Also - we stayed at a campground in Fort Stockton, TX last night...and we're in Canyon Lake, TX now! We took showers, turned on our lights, and cooked a real dinner tonight! We are counting our blessings.

11 comments on “El Paso - "the first step" to a great adventure”

  1. I have found that when I look for good I often find it, even in unexpected places like the service department of a car dealership.

    i'm not thankful that you had to start the trip with a busted transmission, but I am thankful that you were able, with the help of God and good friends, to turn that unfortunate incident into such a good experience. It's always grand to make new friends!

  2. Hi. You don't know me but I ran across your story through a friends facebook page.
    Your family is an absolute inspiration to me.
    I am someone who struggles to give freely and generously. My blazing plans for epic adventure and service seem die down the minute i think of the self sacrifice required. I know God is calling me to doing something and knowing that others are listening and heeding God's call warms my soul.

    I live in Austin Texas, not far from Canyon Lake. And although i'm not the fearless giver I want to be yet, I'd like to offer my help. I'm not sure what you guys would need or if you're planning a stop in ATX but if you are. Know that my tiny 1 bedroom apartment, two dogs, one husband, and big pantry and kitchen are at your disposal. Thank you for everything you're doing!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Dominique. I'm so glad that you stumbled upon our story.

      We're actually heading up to Austin tomorrow (can't wait!). Can you recommend any inspiring charities, churches, or schools in the area?

  3. Wow, what a start to your year of giving! So glad that you didn't lose sight of the focus of your trip even with transmission blowing up.

  4. http://mosaicfl.org/?pg=cG9kY2FzdEVwaXNvZGVz&pid=RXBpc29kZXM=&sb=0&sid=Rm9yIFRoZSBLaW5nZG9t

    Hey! I happened upon your blog in a crazy round about way on the day you guys started out ... Feb 5th. (God is so neat like that) Anyway, our message from church this past Sunday is totally what happened to you guys! Living on mission, having an awesome plan ... and then the plan not happening just so. The goal/prize stays the same but the plan has to be altered a bit. :)

    So glad you guys were encouraged during this time. I linked to the podcast from Sunday if you guys care to listen to it. I heard this message on Feb 6th, as you guys were in the middle of your first challenge and I couldn't help but use your story as an example of this message at our family group on Monday night. Your story is being spread for God's glory ... :) I look forward to reading how you guys are doing on this amazing mission you are on! christine

  5. Wow! That's awesome! God is so good! Glad everything is back up and rolling! I'm going to have subscribe to this blog as well - I do miss you over at MM, but so excited for your new adventure! (I only resisted adding this one to my RSS feeds because the list is a little out of control!)

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