Day #99: Give a Big Tip

Day #99: Give a Big Tip 1

We don't go out to eat very often. We prefer to prepare food at home so that we can know what ingredients are (and are not) in our food. Plus, it's always delicious and much less expensive.

Tonight, was the exception. We ate dinner at Pizza Hut. I know - not the most spectacular place to eat for a rare outing, but it was nearby the fuel station and the grocery store.

Our waitress was young, a bit distracted, and looked rushed as she took our order and scurried around the dining room doing different tasks. She wasn't the best waitress we have ever had, but we decided to leave her a generous tip and hopefully make her day a bit better.

After we had finished eating and received our bill, we put a 40% gratuity on the table and left.

How much do you normally tip? Typically, we leave ~20%.

12 comments on “Day #99: Give a Big Tip”

  1. I usually leave 20%. However, I worked as a server/bartender in college and I can tell you from experience that a tip like yours will make a person's night. In the scheme of things it's just a couple of bucks, but it has a big impact on how that server will feel that night, and how she will treat the rest of her tables, too.

    I also like to surprise waitstaff with a fat tip for no real reason now and then. It's a win-win, since it makes me happy, too. :)

  2. I tipped the little vietnamese gal that does my manicure and pedicure $10 last week. The smile and squeeze of my hand that she gave me was well worth it! I have no idea what we usually tip when we go out because my husband does all the paying. I'd wager to say that he is generous though. It's just the kind of gentleman he is. ;D

  3. I usually do 20% sometimes more. I used to wait tables so I know what it's like to get a big tip and how it makes you feel awesome that someone cared enough to be extra generous when they didn't have to.

    By the way, my son and I love Pizza Hut - you made a good choice for dinner :-)

  4. My career as a waitress was very short lived - it was my first job in high school when I was 16. it was hard work and I was not very good at it but I loved the owners and I worked with my best friend. I loved the tips - it was book money for college and a bit of spending cash too. I also enjoy giving tips. Generally we give 20% but occasionally we enjoy giving more when we have more to give!

  5. As a former food service employee, I think this is one of the greatest ways to bless someone's day! I usually leave around 20% -- maybe a little more.
    And Pizza Hut?! Pizza is a favorite in our house, so heading to a pizza place on one of those rare outings makes total sense! :)

    1. One of the best things about Pizza Hut is that we can buy a large pizza (with 3 toppings) and 4 waters...and spend $10. :)

  6. Having worked in a restaurant throughout my high school years I have seen the big tips and the small tips (I once got $6 on a $200 bill....thanks...) So I know what those extra few dollars can do. I will never leave below 20% and if they are really good I'll go higher.

  7. We generally round 20% up to the next dollar for mediocre service and do about 25% for good service. My husband was a waiter in casual dining restaurants in high school, college, and the first part of grad school, and we figure giving $6 or $7 instead of $5.28 or whatever it would be if we didn't round and tip generously is really not a big difference to us (would you order a menu item you liked less because it was a dollar cheaper than your favorite, or figure "it's just a dollar, no big deal"?) but if every customer tipped like that it could make a huge difference to the server who might be trying to support his or her own family on a meager wage and whatever tips diners are kind enough to give.

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