Day #91: Give One-on-One Time to Your Child

Day #91: Give One-on-One Time to Your Child 1

We spend lots of time together as a family. That is one of the reasons we are on this 365-day giving adventure, but today I spent extra one-on-one time with our oldest daughter.

I took her fishing at a lake near our campground. We hiked from fishing spot to fishing spot, talking as we went. We haven't ever gone fishing together before so I taught her how to cast and reel in the line.

After about an hour, we had caught two smallmouth bass (which we released) and walked the circumference of the lake. I asked my daughter if we were having lots of fun and what her favorite thing was about fishing. Without hesitation she said, "Yes...throwing big sticks and rocks into the water."

Apparently, four-year-olds think sticks and rocks are more important then catching trophy fish. That is alright with me though - we had a special time together and that was the goal.

Do you like to fish? Did your dad ever take you fishing?

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  1. Absolutely! We grew up fishing... I'll have to tell Stephanie about the 4 foot snake that tried to accompany us home from a fishing trip once. Eeeeek

    We actually celebrated Easter at my in-laws pond, where 12 of the 14 grandchildren spent part of the day casting and reeling. Fun!

  2. My dad was the consummate outdoorsman. He was a forester and spent his entire life outdoors. His two big hobbies were hunting and fishing. I got banned from hunting when I was little and wouldn't let him shoot "Bambi", but fishing was our thing. (I left the hunting to my brother ;)
    We went on our last fishing trip when I was pregnant with my oldest. We camped out and fished for two days in Puget Sound. It was hard. I did a lot of the things my dad used to do.
    He has Parkinson's now and has lost a lot of strength in his hands as well as the fact that it simply takes all his concentration to do small things and a lot longer time as well.
    He still goes fishing, but now other people are taking him instead of the other way around. Mostly guided trips, but occasionally my brother or my hubby go along too. I've had babies that need me too much to go away for a few days right now.
    Someday I will go again, but it won't ever be just he and I again I'm sure. I'll miss that. But I'm SOOOO glad I have all the memories and experiences locked deep inside.
    I am my daddy's girl.

  3. My brother-in-law loves to fish. I have asked him to take my girls, especially my youngest who loves to fish. It will give him quality time with his nieces and give them wonderful memories. Now I have to clear our calendar to make some time for it!!

  4. I think daddy- daughter dates are the greatest. I remember going on them with my dad and my husband has continued the tradition. And throwing sticks is my favorite part of fishing too.

  5. I don't think my dad ever took us fishing, but that isn't really his thing. My husband has plans to take our girls fishing (at least the older one this year) and my daughter can't wait!

  6. My dad never took us fishing - but we still had plenty of daddy-daughter "dates" and those are certainly memories that I treasure!

    1. It is definitely not the fishing that is important. Spending time together can be doing just about anything.

  7. The idea of fishing is always better to me than actually fishing. I had a little red fishing pole when I was younger and my dad took me out on "opening day" at 5:30 in the morning. I was sooo excited. Then we waited. And waited. I got bored. When I handed my pole to my brother - of course, he caught a fish right away. I have never caught a fish. :)
    Stick throwing is definitely more fun! :) I can't skip rocks though - would love to be able to do that!

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