Day #84: Give with the Veterans Restoration Quarters in Asheville, NC

Day #84: Give with the Veterans Restoration Quarters in Asheville, NC 1

We spent a couple of hours today at the Veterans Restoration Quarters (another ministry of ABCCM). It is an old Super 8 Hotel that has been converted into a place where United States Veteran men can find hope and empowerment to leave behind homelessness and addictions.

VRQ not only offers meals and a place to sleep for up to two years - they provide case management, counseling, mentoring, a weight room, and job skill education including: gardening, culinary arts, and a truck driving school where men can earn their CDL's.

There are approximately 240 beds in the facility - but there is almost always a waiting list.

We were impressed by VRQ's structured program and their mission to help men with the restoration of every part of their lives, from money management to family relationships.

The VRQ accepts monetary and material donations (they have a current need for personal hygiene items). Volunteers (individuals & groups) also come from all over the East Coast to do service projects.

5 comments on “Day #84: Give with the Veterans Restoration Quarters in Asheville, NC”

  1. I have a few family members who are veterans of the recent wars in the middle east - I don't think those of us who stay home ever realize how much trauma those who serve during war time really experience. I appreciate ministries like this one who reach out to the whole man - influencing every aspect of his life and giving him enough time to begin to heal.

  2. What a worthy and well-run organization. Thanks for highlighting them. Our military has really been on my mind and heart lately, too. Thanks for helping to serve those who have served. Those folks deserve nothing but the best resources.

  3. my dad is ron kennedy from abccm. i would like to say i am so proud of you dad..
    it`s good to know that there are people like you papa.. help other`s .

    melanie wolf ( germany, marburg)

    1. It was a pleasure meeting your dad. The vet's quarters were one of the best things we learned about with ABCCM.

      Do you live in Marburg?

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