Day #8: Give Cookies to a Neighbor

Day #8: Give Cookies to a Neighbor 1

This afternoon our oldest daughter and Stephanie made chocolate chip/peanut butter cookies for our next door neighbors. Meanwhile, I took our youngest on a walk and we talked to quite a few people who live here at the campground in the winter - "Winter Texans."

When we returned, both girls colored pictures. Our 4-year-old is especially fond of drawing and coloring. She often asks if she can give her drawings away to other people, noting that they "make people feel good."

Day #8: Give Cookies to a Neighbor 2

We then delivered a plate of still-warm cookies and handmade pictures to each of our "next-door neighbors."

It was a simple gesture, infused with our children's genuine excitement.

Have you ever baked for your next-door neighbor? What is your favorite kind of cookie?

10 comments on “Day #8: Give Cookies to a Neighbor”

  1. Looks yummy! Hope you guys are having fun on your adventure, and I hope my fellow Texans are giving you a warm welcome!

  2. No, I haven't done that. But, while you are giving every day, I am learning every day how to be more giving! Thank you!

  3. So fun that you guys made cookies for your neighbors!! We LOVE to make cookies for people, especially our neighbors and anytime we bring meals to people, we usually include some fresh cookies too. We live in a small apartment complex and if we ever get new neighbors we bake them some cookies and include a little welcome note! It is so fun to give this way!

  4. We are not big bakers but we do love our banana and pumpkin bread. We have an elderly couple next door to us that are our "adopted" grandparents. Occasionally I will cook extra and give them some, or bake an extra loaf of bread. Now that I think of it -- it has been awhile since we made a special delivery. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Hello,
    My daughter, Katelyn, and my mother and I met you at the campground in Canyon Lake. Our kids played Noah's Ark on that great bounce pillow. I was moved by your story and thank you for giving me your website. I'd love to follow along. I am learning a lot about serving and I am inspired by your lead, ideas, kindness, and obedience. I wish you luck and pray for peace along your journey!


    1. Hi Casey!

      I'm so glad you remembered our website (you have a great memory!). It was wonderful to meet you and your daughter - and to hear your best "Texas advice." I hope we have a chance to meet again someday. In the meantime, let's keep in touch here. :)


  6. I just found your site. So glad to catch it so early into your adventure. My two boys (my little girl was napping in her crib) helped me make cookies for Valentine's Day and we took them over to the neighbors. Baking is a great way to give!

  7. I try to take cookies to new neighbors when they move in - we've been here for 12 years and there has been quite a bit of turnover in the neighborhood so that's been a lot of cookies! Most people are simply shocked - it's sad. We moved a lot when I was younger and I remember people bringing us cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood, it seemed like the "normal" thing to do then - now, 20 or 30 years later it's "weird"

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