Day #70: Give with The Salvation Army in Nashville, TN

Day #70: Give with The Salvation Army in Nashville, TN 1

When you think of The Salvation Army, what comes to mind?

I immediately think of two things: (1) the bell ringing outside of stores during the Christmas season and (2) a thrift store.

This morning, my family and I met Amanda Grieves (Human Resources and Social Media Manager) at the Nashville Area Command. After being introduced to staff and touring the facility, we were pleasantly surprised with the many Salvation Army operations.

Thrifts stores and kettles are certainly part of The Salvation Army, but today we walked through a facility with a vision to equip people with the necessary tools to transition from homelessness to sustainability.

The Nashville Area Command has rooms for 13 families, 9 single women, and 19 single men. They also cook a free hot meal every night for their residents. Equally important, they provide GED, job, and life skills training. The goal is for people to find & keep jobs, manage their finances, and not return to homelessness.

The Salvation Army also responds to disasters, operates Angel Tree, and routinely gives food to the homeless and hungry.

Everyone we met had something in common. Excitement in their eyes to care for others.

Did you know The Salvation Army has chuches? We are going to attend one this Sunday.

5 comments on “Day #70: Give with The Salvation Army in Nashville, TN”

  1. I have always had the desire to volunteer with the Red Cross or Salvation Army. I so need to act on it! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. I frequent the local Salvation Army thrift store - one of the reasons I've always liked supporting the Salvation Army is because of their goal "for people to find & keep jobs, manage their finances, and not return to homelessness." The disaster relief and all that they do is also a vital outreach - but the working with individuals in order to help them transition from homelessness to supporting themselves is so meaningful.

    However... this is kinda off topic but have you ever read "The Soloist" by Steve Lopez - it's a true story and an awesome read - here's a 60 Minutes story about the book:,0,290300.special

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