Day #66: Give a Positive Review

Day #66: Give a Positive Review 1

It is amazing how powerful words can be when someone is talking about you. Especially in those times when you are trying your hardest, a negative remark (even from a stranger) can be discouraging.

Conversely, it takes only the slightest amount of positive feedback to lift your spirits.

We are in Adairsville, GA tonight, but this past week we stayed at a campground in Woodbine called Walkabout. The owners there have only had the campground for 2 months. They are working tirelessly to remodel and beautify the park.

As we travel across the country, we always read campground reviews before making reservations. Review sites help us to know which parks are the cleanest, safest, and best for kids.

Today, I wrote a positive review on about the Walkabout Camp & RV Park. I am sure the owners will be encouraged to read about one of their happy customers.

Do you use review sites when travel planning?

11 comments on “Day #66: Give a Positive Review”

  1. I often leave positive reviews on expedia for hotels that we've stayed at. Several of them have been wonderful with our kids! One employee at Embassy Suites went into the kitchen and got our toddler a fruit plate during the happy hour so she would have something healthy to munch on. It was something small, but so thoughtful! Writing a review, or leaving a positive comment card in the room is a great way to say thanks!

  2. Your posts seem to coincide with my life lately! I just wrote my first review on TripAdvisor after we stayed at a fabulous Hampton Inn in Youngstown, OH on our way back and forth from Chicago. It is a small way of saying thank you and promoting their business through positive feedback.

    1. For sure. It is especially appreciated by small businesses. A few short comments can make a big difference.

  3. Oh, absolutely! We read them and we write them. Especially when we have something good to say! (Though I was not familiar with RVParking. I'll have to check it out!)

    I think it is so important that people be recognized for the things (even little things) they do that made my day easier or better. And if I have something negative to say, I try to be very specific about it, and do not paint the whole establishment with the broad brush of negativity. And generally, the manager has contacted me directly and we've been able to resolve it to everyone's satisfaction. Good communication - in both directions - is so vital to good service.

    1. Communicating both the good and the bad can be very helpful. Any decent business should be thankful for constructive negative feedback. Having an "outside" perspective points things out that may be otherwise overlooked.

  4. We always read reviews of hotels on Tripadvisor, find places to eat using Urbanspoon or Yelp, and find city parks (and more) on our own site,

    Review sites can be amazing sources of information: imagine if you knew half as much about your destination as someone who lives there!

    1. Definitely! Now that we are on the road, we use review sites everyday either on the computer or iphone.

  5. Thanks for mentioning us Tim & Stephanie. We're were equally excited when we heard the great things that you had to say about Walkabout. That park listing has been claimed by the business owners. So you can be assured that they got to see your review as well.

    On a side note. We've been trying to focus on getting more park reviews from traveling families like yourself. It wasn't until this past snowbirding season that we started to realize that a good amount of families had taken to creating kid friendly oriented reviews on specialty sites. We're hoping to bring in reviews from all RVers into one place. As far as we know we're one of the only park review sites that lets you add your own user photos too.

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