Day #63: Give to a Home Improvement Project

Day #63: Give to a Home Improvement Project 1

The campground owners of Walkabout campground are remodeling. The house where their family lives (on property) is a full-on construction site.

Today, Troy (Walkabout owner) and I removed all the popcorn ceiling from inside their 3-bed, 2-bath house. We scraped off the popcorn texture and made the ceiling smooth.

How did that popcorn stuff get so popular anyway?

After a few hours of scraping we had made a huge mess, but now the place is going to look great after some patchwork and fresh paint.

7 comments on “Day #63: Give to a Home Improvement Project”

  1. They are lucky to have you there to help. I remember when you helped us with our backyard. Matt, my Dad and I still talk about how we have never seen someone work so hard! Yeah, I don't know why anyone would think that cottage cheese would look nice on a ceiling. We had it in our house when I was a kid, and I thought that it was fun to throw things up on the ceiling to make the popcorn fall off.................I must have missed the memo regarding asbestos.

    1. We will have to live in the same neighborhood again so I can come over and help with another backyard. Not to mention, dirt bike with Matt!

  2. My husband just helped our friends sheetrock their daughter's entire bedroom. They needed an extra pair of hands to do the ceiling and my husband learned a new skill!

  3. Thank You so much for all of your wonderful help yesterday Tim. Without your help I know Troy would have just kept pushing the project off. And what a project it was!! Troy kept saying to me last night that he cant believe you guys managed to get it all done so quickly. I really think he enjoyed having another young and energetic person help him out. The clean-up has been a challenge, especially at 2am this moring and still going today, but again, it would still be stuck to our celing without your help.


    1. If we could stay longer I would come back in there for more fun. Not everyone gets to scrape popcorn ceilings. I enjoyed helping.

      We will have to come back and visit once everything is finished.

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