Day #62: Give with Habitat for Humanity of Camden County

Day #62: Give with Habitat for Humanity of Camden County 1

I've heard the name "Habitat for Humanity" a thousand times, but today was the first that I have ever done anything with the organization.

Habitat for Humanity is known for building and renovating houses for people in need. The majority of the funds for the houses comes from the ReStore, a thrift store where people donate new and used items to be resold.

Day #62: Give with Habitat for Humanity of Camden County 2

This morning the four of us met Christena Panzone, the HFH ReStore Director, at the ReStore in Kingsland, Georgia.

Christena gave us a tour of the donations side of the ReStore and also walked us through the store itself.

After our tour, we donated a few things that we had brought from our RV (see right). Stephanie and I, along with the the girls, then helped organize a section of the store that had out-of-place items piled on top of each other. We sorted and put away tea cups, computer keyboards, Easter decorations, lamps, pet supplies, and a bunch of other knickknacks.

Check back this weekend. There is a house construction underway in Kingsland and I am going to be working on the roof Saturday morning.

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  1. I have some friends who helped build Habitat houses one summer - they loved the experience, it's something I think would be fun to help with some day!

  2. This has convinced me to go check out our ReStore (just a handful of blocks from our house!). I always thought they just carried salvaged home building supplies (cabinets, doors, etc.). I didn't realized that they had more than that!

    1. I didn't know much about the ReStore before we visited either. They had just about everything in there except for clothes.

      They give any clothes donations to the Salvation Army. That may just be the Camden County ReStore though.

  3. You're right Tim. Many Habitat ReStores specialize in building materials but carry other items as well. In Camden County, Georgia, we do not take clothes unless a donor happens to bring them by or has them at their home when we pick up a donation. We are very lucky to have a local Salvation Army that is willing to partner with us. We take the clothing to the Salvation Army in between donation pick ups and the Salvation Army refers people to us for pick ups (since they do not have a vehicle). It's a "win win" situation.

    The best way to find out if there is a store in your area is to visit and click on "Habitat ReStores" on the right. You can find any ReStore in the nation! I have found in the stores that I have personally visited an amazing amount of treasures. So, if you are a builder or a treasure seeker the Habitat ReStore may be what you are looking for. Good luck! Christena Panzone, ReStore Director Habitat for Humanity of Camden County, GA

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