Day #6: Give Through Social Media

Day #6: Give Through Social Media 1

Awhile back a company sent us some bags for PR purposes. One of them was the Switch Messenger laptop bag by Brenthaven, valued at $100.

We never ended up using the bag and now we are driving around the country with it serving no purpose.

We want to give the bag to someone who will use it, but we don't know anyone with that need. Here is where social media comes in...

Do you need a messenger style laptop case (compatible with 13" and 15" laptops) you know someone who would benefit from getting one?

Leave a comment and let us know. We will choose one person and send the bag to him/her (anywhere in the USA or Canada).

What do you have in your house that you don't need, but would help someone else to have? If you don't know who to give it to, consider asking your friends on Facebook or Twitter who they recommend.

16 comments on “Day #6: Give Through Social Media”

  1. My husband Tim could use one. He bikes to work every day and sometimes needs to bring his laptop to work when he is giving a presentation. This would do the trick!

    Your post reminded me that I have a trunk full of stuff to donate....I'm putting on my "to do" list for Saturday!

  2. My sister is a single parent of two wonderful nieces one will be starting high school this year say Emoire. It would be very helpful.

  3. I rarely enter giveaways because I ask "do I really need that?" But this I really could put to good use! Because we homeschool I am always packing up our work and my laptop into different bags to go to the library, a field trip, a nature hike.......I often use my canvas bags that double for laundry, recycling, grocery shopping. My girls both have nice bags to pack their binders, books, pens and pencils but their "teacher" does not! I would be very grateful and appreciative!

  4. I could use it for sure....Nason and David bought me a netbook for Christmas and it needs a bag.

  5. We live in a relatively quiet little neighborhood but for 30 minutes very morning and afternoon we get the traffic from the elementary school around the corner. We delight in putting anything we don't want, new or old, out to the curb with a "Free" sign. We have noticed that the people who stop and take what they need are mostly low income families. We've given away everything from furniture to clothes and electronics to toys. We've also found that anything we put out (even firewood!) is taken except sadly...books.

  6. Oh the things I have that I don't need... I'm actually working on clearing all that junk out! We're hoping to move into a bigger house this year so decluttering the current house is a huge part of that process! I've taken several things to goodwill but when I know someone who could specifically use something i pass it on to them instead :)

    As for the laptop messenger bag - I don't really know anyone who needs one right now. All the computers and owners I can think of today already have bags! Good luck finding someone who will be blessed by your gift.

  7. Oh how I could use a bag like that! I take my laptop all over with me for various reason but have not been able to afford a bag for it. So, like Jessica, I use bags to carry my laptop that I use for numerous other things! I too, would be very greatful and appreciative of this bag!

  8. Please don't enter me, as we have no need for that great bag.

    Just wanted to comment and say thanks for doing this project. When I first read your family was going to "give every day", I didn't realize you meant that literally. I was picturing you guys driving from project to project and helping once you got there (such as building for Habitat for Humanity, or helping out at a food pantry). But reading about your every day giving has been such an encouragement to me - it's not about the big things (although they are important), it's about doing little things all the time. Making giving a habit, not a hassle. I am definitely going to embrace this mindset and do my part to "Give Every Day". Thank you, and May God Bless all of you, as you are blessing others, both in real-life and in cyberspace.

  9. Thats no nice of you guys to give that away.

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love to have this bag. I was just thinking about getting one for all my reports that I have to drag back and forth when delivering final project reviews to managers. This will come in handy. I could also take my laptops to meetings without actually holding them and having them slip.

  10. Right now, I have a shopping cart cover that I dont need, never used it, just taking up space in my house. Would love to give that away but I know someone who might need it, and will be happy to give it away. Wonderful idea on letting someone else have what we have no use for.

  11. I would love to have this bag. Right now I'm using a backpack that is kinda big and fraying at many of the seams. I'd hate to damage my Macbook Pro cause my bag strap gave-way one day.

  12. Great idea - cleaning out the "stuff I never use" pile next week to do just this! While I have no need for this bag, I do have a nephew in Washington who hauls his laptop all over. Sadly, he puts it in a plastic bag and then puts it in his backpack. His parents struggle each month to make ends meet and are working hard not to lose their house. As a result, my niece and nephew often "make do or go without." Granted, they always have food and a roof over their heads for which we are all grateful, but they don't generally enjoy the things that aren't "necessities."

  13. I have to say that although that is a lovely bag and I LOVE bags.... neither I nor my husband "need" that at this time. If I think of someone who DOES need it I will leave another comment but I wanted to mention that I use to post all my "don't need" stuff. If someone in the group needs what I have, they contact me and I give them my address and leave the items in a bag at the front door. People come right to my house and pick up what they need! It's great. Yesterday I got rid of a teakettle that had a broken whistle - 5 minutes after I posted someone said they wanted it and a couple hours later they had picked it up! :) It's a great tool!

  14. Another don't enter me.

    I love using Freecycle to post items when our family no longer needs them.

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