Day #57: Give Cupcakes to a Birthday Kid

Day #57: Give Cupcakes to a Birthday Kid 1

The campground owners of the RV park that we are staying at have four kids. One of them turned 12 today!

We wanted to give a small gift for her birthday so when we were at the grocery store last night we picked up ingredients for cupcakes. Originally, we thought we would buy a giant chocolate bar or a big bag of candy, but then we remembered we had a cupcake gift box and it would be perfect for 1/2 dozen birthday cupcakes.

Our oldest likes to "help" with any kind of baking so she helped Stephanie mix the ingredients and bake the cupcakes. After they cooled, she helped me carefully put frosting and sprinkles on each one. Then we put them in the cupcake gift box and left to find the birthday girl.

It only took a few moments before all six cupcakes were being eating by her family. Luckily for us, we actually made a whole dozen. I ran back to the RV and grabbed four more and we all enjoyed them together.

4 comments on “Day #57: Give Cupcakes to a Birthday Kid”

  1. now I need to make cupcakes and find a really cute box to deliver them to friends in. I need to be reminded that a little treat can really make someone's day.

  2. Tim and Steph............ My goodness. Are we so ever happy to have met you guys! I wish so much that we werent so incredibly busy with our work at the campground, to spend more time getting to know you all. I have spent much time this morning reading through your blogs and you guys are truly inspiring, amazing people and your family, well, your family is GORGEOUS!!!

    As the mummy of the little girl turning 12 - all I can say is that you really made her day with your wonderful cupcakes. We dont have a kitchen right now and Kaitlyn really wanted to help me make her birthday cake this year, but unfortunately we didnt have an oven. Let me tell you, she just couldnt believe that you guys made these for her. Even after dinner that night I asked her what her favourite part about her birthday was and she simply replied "those pretty little cupcakes were so yum".......................

    Thanks so much in more than a million ways :)

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