Day #52: Give Back Your Shopping Cart

Day #52: Give Back Your Shopping Cart 1

I know the title sounds like I am suggesting not to "steal shopping carts." :)

After my oldest daughter and I came out of the grocery store today, we put our shopping bags in the truck and then pushed the basket to the cart receptacle.

It is a simple thing, but many people don't do it. I've considered the fact that I am the customer and the establishment I just gave my money to is paying someone to collect the carts. Therefore, why should I do their job for them?

But I've concluded it is a kind gesture for whoever's job it is to get the carts and it is also considerate of everyone else in the parking lot.

On windy days and in sloped parking lots, I've seen baskets roll into vehicles. I've even watched as unobservant drivers hit out-of-place carts.

I don't want scratches on my vehicle and I am sure no one else does either.

12 comments on “Day #52: Give Back Your Shopping Cart”

  1. We do this all the time. If we are close to the entrance, we will even put them back inside! Just makes someones day a little easier. My husband astounded a grandma lady working at the fabric store this last week. I changed my mind of a fabric and he just went and put it back. She was speechless! She said she has never had a customer do that, and she she been working for a long time! We do things like this all the time! So nice for the people who are on the receiving end, and it really only takes less them a min out of your day! :)

  2. This is one of my father-in-law's pet peeves! People who don't put back shopping carts annoy him. I try to always put mine back - especially when the weather is yucky.

  3. I absolutely think this is a great thing! I really try to always return my cart. I do have to admit however that when the baby is crying and the three year old needs to go potty I set it aside and go.

    1. I have a lot of grace for parents of small children or handicap, or elderly. I would speculate, though, it is most often people without good reason who just load their bags and jet.

  4. One of my biggest pet peeves is shopping cart that are out of alignment. I suppose that comes from being hit by cars. Years ago I was driving my Suburban through a parking lot and a run away cart did some hefty damage to one of my back door as it came careening down an incline. Ugh.
    One of the things I adore about my husband is that he never enters a store empty handed. He always collects a wayward cart on his way in.

  5. Cute picture! My family lives in Europe, and where we are, if you want a shopping cart, you have to put a coin into one to 'unlock' it. This ensures that you will put the cart back where it belongs, so that you will in turn receive your coin back. I love it (with the exception of the times that I can't find the right coin).

  6. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Most often it is people who are quite able to put the cart away who don't. I make sure to always put mine away and if i can do it with two small children surely those other folks can as well. I love it when someone comments that I have my hands full and then they don't put their cart away and I do. Oh it just drives me bananas. I have saved many a cars from being hit by a drifting cart as well. Common courtesy.

  7. I don't like it when carts are all over the parking lot either. I always make sure to return our cart. When I'm parking our car, I make sure to park next to a cart return so I can easily manage my groceries, 2 year old, and the cart.

    1. I always try to park near a cart return as well.

      Since you can park closer to the carts and leave some room on the other side, it usually decreases the likelihood of someone smacking the side of your vehicle with their car door. It is especially helpful when you have a big truck like we do.

  8. As I read this I am surprised that you even have to mention this. I ALWAYS return my baskets but I do get annoyed when people don't - especially when they are blocking the parking space.

  9. People that leave their carts out drive me crazy. We always take ours back, it's one small thing that we can do to make life easier for everyone around. Just the other day at Costco we were right across the parking lane thing from a cart return and yet the person next to us and the person across from us left their carts by their cars. It is so infuriating.

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