Day #50: Give Grandparent Cards

Day #50: Give Grandparent Cards 1

Our girls love making cards and sending them to friends and relatives. Tonight, Stephanie and the kids made grandparent cards (or at least that is what we call them).

With Stephanie's help, they printed out pictures of recent adventures, put stickers on envelopes, and wrote a short list of the things they have been doing.

Day #50: Give Grandparent Cards 2

Here is the list they came up with:

  • Volunteering
  • Swinging and sliding on playgrounds
  • Listening to "Adventures in Odyssey" on the road
  • Plus, we went to Disney World

We will mail the Cards on Monday.

Back before we left AZ, we sent "Grandparent Cards" regularly. They were a big hit then so these cards are sure to be a bright spot in their mailboxes next week.

Do you ever send photographs to your parents or grandparents?

7 comments on “Day #50: Give Grandparent Cards”

  1. I think sending updates and pictures to family is really important. When we lived 1500 miles from our families I would send pictures every couple of months and tried to update my blog weekly so that they would know what we had been up too. Now that I live in the same town as most of my family, they still get pictures every couple of months but not as many as I would have mailed.

    I have an Aunt that thinks she's my Mom and I try to send her pictures (lots of them, as she has no computer) every month or so. She lives in Mississippi and we live in California so the pictures are super important for her.

    I think it's great that you are reminding people how important sharing our lives with our loved ones is. And of course all the other great stuff that your doing is amazing too. :)

    1. Thanks.

      That little photo printer is even more awesome now that we are on the road. It is super convenient.

  2. We haven't sent pictures in a long while. If we didn't skype regularly and my parents didn't look at my blog (or the pictures I email them) then we would definitely send pictures.

    1. Skyping with your parents is good but the grandparents never figured it out.They love the pictures though!

  3. I have a long list of family who lives far away that we try to email pictures to about once a month - I've fallen a bit behind on that so thanks for the reminder to get it done! Before my grandmother passed away I mailed pictures every month - I know she appreciated them!

  4. What a great intentional way to stay connected. I think we may do a photo card for Easter just for this purpose.

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