Day #48: Give Through a Donation Drop-Off Box

Day #48: Give Through a Donation Drop-Off Box 1

Neither Stephanie or I enjoy grocery shopping. In fact, there have been a handful of times when we have gone to the grocery store just to come back with almost nothing to eat. We've since learned that it's always best to go with a list.

We just moved to a new campground in Kissimmee, Florida on Wednesday...and since we need to eat, we had to go shopping.

The last few days we have had a big bag of donations in our truck bed. It seems there are always extra things we have to give away (outgrown clothes, trinkets and toys, books, etc) despite our small living space.

We were about to pull out of the Super Target parking lot when Stephanie noticed a donation drop-off unit. It was a big metal box with a door near the top to deposit donations. I pulled the truck up next to it, jumped out, and deposited our bag.

It was a piece of cake.

7 comments on “Day #48: Give Through a Donation Drop-Off Box”

  1. We're fortunate to live on a quiet little street that bustles with activity every morning and afternoon with the elementary school traffic from around the corner. We're able to put our "donations" out to the curb with a FREE sign and it all disappears within minutes. ;D

  2. My family lives overseas and there are these donation boxes every few blocks. In fact, they are right next to the recycling containers! Quite handy when taking a load of stuff out. :)

  3. BUT... you have to be careful... I almost dropped some stuff in a drop box in the Sam's Club Parking lot the other day when I decided to read the outside of the container really well, and it said "we use your donations FOR PROFIT - we area FOR PROFIT organiziation". I at whcih point we went elsewhere. We try to donate somewhere where the donation will go to help someone in need, not a company trying to make a buck.

  4. I just dropped off some kids clothes today! I also have noticed a ton of for profit boxes popping up all over the place. I also use freecycle a ton.

  5. I've always wondered about these boxes. I never really know who the stuff goes to. Some of them look like they might not be picked up regularly. They are convenient though!

  6. We have a box in our church parking lot - they only accept clothing - but it sure is a convenient spot to have a drop-off box!

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