Day #46: Give with the Sunshine Foundation in Davenport, FL

Day #46: Give with the Sunshine Foundation in Davenport, FL 1

This morning we volunteered with the Sunshine Foundation in Davenport, FL. Sunshine is a non-profit organization that seeks "to answer the dreams of chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged and abused children, ages three to eighteen, whose families cannot fulfill their requests due to the financial strain that the child's illness may cause."

Day #46: Give with the Sunshine Foundation in Davenport, FL 2

The most requested dream is to go to Disney World. As a result, the organization flies families to Orlando from all over the USA. In order to provide lodging for the families going to Disney, Sunshine created the "Dream Village." It is made up of 9 themed cottages (our girls liked the Snow White one the best!), a put put golf course, and a swimming pool. We toured the Dream Village and then the four of us cleaned out the windowsills and windows in one of the cottages. We vacuumed up bugs and dirt and used Windex to clean the glass.

Before we left, we gave Sunshine Foundation a handful of Disney toys (stickers, a backpack, a soccer ball, etc.) that we were given at the recent blogging conference we attended at Disney World.

Day #46: Give with the Sunshine Foundation in Davenport, FL 3

If you live in the Orlando area, you can join the Sunshine Foundation to help make the dreams of children come true. The Dream Village facility is largely maintained by volunteers (there are only 2 people on-staff).

Do you know a terminally ill, physically challenged, or abused child who could benefit from a "dream come true"? You can refer a child to the program.

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  1. What a wonderful experience. It made me think of my husband's company. They have a private plane that flies back and forth between New York and the other headquarters every day. When there are not enough employees to fill the seats, they offer to shuttle sick children and their families back and forth to cancer treatment centers. You post made me wonder if there is anything we as a family could do, like make a gift bag of things to keep the children busy on the flight..........
    As always, thanks for inspiring me!

    1. Gift bags are a great idea!

      We always try to bring little bags full of "distractions" for our girls when we fly. You should make some for the next time a family is flown.

  2. The Sunshine Foundation sounds wonderful. A great opportunity for people to give and for special kids to receive! I like the gift bag you left too! ;D

  3. I like to hear about organizations like this one that are staffed primarily by volunteers - it says a lot of good about the organization that they have enough volunteers to run efficiently and are able to only have 2 people on staff!

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