Day #45: Give to Agros International

Day #45: Give to Agros International 1
Day #45: Give to Agros International 2

Besides good 'ol water, coffee is my favorite drink. I love it so much that I grind beans every morning and make at least 6 cups. I never add sugar and usually drink it black. Typically, I drink a cup or two in a mug and then keep the rest in my thermal pot or tumbler for drinking throughout the day.

Stephanie isn't big on coffee unless it is super cold outside so I am solo for the coffee brewing and guzzling most of the time around here.

I love beans from all over Central and South America, but one of my favorite roasts is a Brazil Dark. If I am buying an espresso drink, I usually get a plain Latte'. I tend to think all those sugary syrups detract from the flavors in the coffee.

In honor of my love for coffee beans, we made a donation today to Agros International. Agros is a non-profit organization that is "committed to breaking the cycle of poverty for rural families in Central America and Mexico by enabling landless communities to achieve land ownership and economic stability."

They are one of the only NGO's providing long-term credit to the rural poor to purchase land and they have an amazing mission: "to see rural poor families own agricultural land, attain economic self-sufficiency, realize their God-given potential, and pass on to future generations the values and resources that enable them to flourish."

Are you a coffee drinker? What is your favorite drink?

7 comments on “Day #45: Give to Agros International”

  1. I am a coffee drinker. My favorite drink is a caramel latte. Unlike you, I find the sweet syrups to enhance my coffee drinking experience! I am also the only coffee drinker in my house, and usually just drink one cup in the morning. A couple of years ago my mother in law gave me a Keurig single cup coffee maker for Christmas. It ROCKS!

    Enjoying the blog Tim and Stephanie. Waiting for you to come to Little Rock AR! :)

  2. My day does not officially start until the coffee is brewing. I drink it 1/2 decaf (I mix my own special blend) with a bit of whole milk as a treat. No sugar. Love it. My favorite thing in the world is having a little sleep in and waking up to the smell of coffee brewing downstairs. It is one way I know my husband loves me!

  3. I drink (too much) coffee - I usually drink about 6 cups a day too. I like it all - black, some flavors, with cream and sugar... it just depends on the day. I find that I prefer the milder brews and often make my own mix of 1/2 caff. My husband rarely drinks coffee - only if it's bitterly cold outside and he's been out in it working or hunting!

  4. While you guys are in town you should swing by Axum Coffee shop in the historic town of Winter Garden. (20 min north of Disney) Axum is a town in Ethiopia that this coffee shop supports. 100% of their profits go to changing the world and making a impact for Christ. google them/their website and stop on by for a cup of joe! :)

    As for coffee in our house ... it's my husband who is the crazy coffee man! lol

  5. Agros is a GREAT organization. If you're going to send your money to create change, make sure you think through the responsibility of your donation. Don't give money to ease your conscience without knowing what change your money is creating. Agros creates a generational cycle of change through one of life's most basic principles - land ownership. As an owner at Camano Island Coffee (the coffee Tim linked to for the Brazil Dark Roast), I'm proud my company supports Agros!

    Thanks for the great post Tim!

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