Day #42: Give Your Seat

Day #42: Give Your Seat 1

The girls and I hung out at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World today while Stephanie was at a conference (park tickets were included with the conference fee).

In the morning, the three of us rushed around from one ride to the next (Snow White, Dumbo, It's A Small World, Etc.). We had a blast! As noon approached, we were hungry so we found a restaurant on main street and bought mini corn dogs and french fries. I had a big tray with all the food, three waters, napkins, straws, and the condiments so our four year old had to hold our two year old's hand for me as we navigated through the crowd to find a seat.

It was so crowded that there weren't any tables available inside or outside the restaurant. We walked for a bit and finally found an open bench just outside the first aid office.

The girls and I squeezed in and started eating. When we were about 3/4 of the way through our meal, a family of two kids, a mom, and a grandmother came and sat down on the bench next to us. They had food as well. The mom and kids were able to jam into the bench, but the grandmother was left standing so I offered her my seat.

She said, "Oh no! You have kids to take care of." But I insisted and assured her it would be no trouble at all for me to kneel down right next to my girls and finish eating. I also warned her (jokingly) that she would have to sit close to my daughters so it was possible we would spill ketchup on her. She looked at her grandkids and laughed, "Well, it wouldn't be the first time!" and happily accepted my offer.

Do you remember to give up your seat when other people (elderly, pregnant moms, handicapped, etc.) are standing? Has someone ever given you their seat?

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  1. On the public transportation where we live overseas, there are little signs next to particular seats, that are supposed to give priority to pregnant women, parents with strollers, the elderly and the disabled. When I was pregnant, I often found (although not always) people willingly give up their seats.

  2. This is wonderful! It is so important to share your seat and help others whenever possible!

    I remember taking the Tucson city bus (Suntran) to high school. Many students at Salpointe went to school in this fashion. My brother and I rode together and often gave up our seats to elderly or families. I remember one time being so proud of my brother. An elderly woman got on the bus when we were already standing. Another student remained sitting. My brother, who rarely confronted anyone, looked at the kid and told him to get up and give his seat to the elderly person. He told the kid how we need to respect those older than us and shame on him for being a Salpointe student and not knowing better.

    My family and I have all learned by the example of Jesus to care for others! We enjoy so much following your blog and watching your family give as Jesus did!

  3. I was always so grateful when people would give up their seat for me when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy. I've never forgotten it!

  4. I really appreciated when people did this for me when I was pregnant (I was so huge people probably thought I was having twins). I try to give up my seat whenever I can now too. It's such an easy yet wonderful way to show kindness to others.

  5. I'll simply echo what Sarah R said - giving up your seat for someone else is "an easy yet wonderful way to show kindness to others." Thank you for continuing to remind us of the simple ways to "Give Every Day"

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