Day #36: Give Your Place in Line

Day #36: Give Your Place in Line 1

We toured the USS Alabama Battleship today. It was really neat!

On our way back home, we stopped at the grocery store to buy some cream cheese to make a cheesecake (Stephanie makes the world's best cheesecake, by the way) for our youngest's birthday tomorrow. I can't believe she is already two!

We put a few items in our cart (cream cheese, salad mixings, and some milk)...and headed to the checkout.  Before we had time to put any of our items on the conveyor belt, a man got in line behind us. He had his hands full, but no cart.

I looked at him and pointed, "Would you like to go in front?" He smiled, "Sure. Thanks."

He checked out and we followed right behind him.

I alway appreciate it when someone gives up their place in line for me, especially when I am only buying a few items and they have a full cart. Has that ever happened to you?

9 comments on “Day #36: Give Your Place in Line”

  1. We do cheesecakes for birthdays, too!!! I would love Stephanie's recipe sometime.
    And yes, I have been the recipient of such kindness many times. It's especially awesome if my hands are full AND I have both kids...

  2. Yes, I have been the recipient of that kindness and have also done the same for others. It's such a small thing to do that brings so much gratitude.

  3. Yep, I've done that! I really appreciated it when someone did that for me once - I was hugely pregnant with baby #2 and baby #1 was a bit grumpy. It was a blessing!

  4. Happy Birthday to your little one! I always appreciate that too when someone gives up their place in line, just for me. Also, I would love Stephanie's recipe if she ever feels like sharing! :)

  5. oh my goodness as a new mom I have SO appreciated when someone lets me go first - so I can get my cranky baby back into the car and HEAD HOME! I have found people are MUCH more gracious to a pregnant woman or a mom with a new baby than they EVER were to me as a single woman or without-child woman.... why is that? it shouldn't be that way. but it is.

  6. I've been on the giving as well as receiving end of this simple gesture many times. Whenever I shop without my kids I offer to let the person behind me go in front if they've got less than I do (which is usually the case!). I like to think of it as a karma thing because there have been many times I've needed to run into the store for a few items with both kids, at the end of the day (when everyone's tired and on the verge of melting down) and someone has taken pity on me and let me go first. Hooray for nice people!

    On a similar note, this weekend I stood in line at the restroom at a very busy event... a little gal stood behind a group of us for a while, doing the potty dance. Someone noticed and offered to let her move up a place in line. Eventually, each woman in line let her move up a spot and the gal happily took the next available stall. I've been on the receiving end of this one a few times with my potty training kids and was enormously grateful!

  7. I too would like Stephanie's cheesecake recipe if she's willing to share! That looks AMAZING and my partner loves birthday cheesecake!

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