Day #33: Give a Toll to The Guy Behind You

Day #33: Give a Toll to The Guy Behind You 1

This morning we left Tomball, TX for Louisiana. We made it to Lafyette earlier this evening.

On our way to I-10 from Tomball, we took a toll highway. The sign read, "$1.50 minimum." As we pulled our rig up to the toll booth, I clarified with the lady, "It's $1.50?" "Oh, no," she said. "You are considered a 'class 4' vehicle. It's a $4.50 charge!"

The thought crossed my mind to tell her how ridiculous the special toll was, but instead I handed her $4.50 and then said, "we would also like to pay for the vehicle behind us." "Oh, he is only $1.50," the woman said smiling.

We paid and then pulled away. The guy in the white car behind us gave a friendly wave as he passed.

Have you ever payed a toll for someone else? I know some of you mentioned this in other posts.

4 comments on “Day #33: Give a Toll to The Guy Behind You”

  1. Enjoy Louisiana! You're certainly visiting at the right time of year :) I lived in Lafayette a long time ago... I think I was 9 years old :) it's a beautiful state. And yes, I have paid toll for the people behind me before - it's such a nice surprise for them!

  2. Its the little things like this that can just make someone's day and brighten it up. We have fastlane, so we can't really pay for the person behind us, but I am going to buy the person behind me a coffee the next time I go through the drivethru!

  3. I've never paid for anyone behind me for anything, but when you did this for the coffee shop guy, I thought I'd try it soon. Still haven't yet, but I plan to. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Thank you for this idea. My family is taking a vacation at the beach this week and we had a toll road on our way. We paid for the person behind us on our way through and it was so much fun!

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