Day #30: Give with Mercy House Kenya in Houston, TX

Day #30: Give with Mercy House Kenya in Houston, TX 1

We had dinner with a really great family tonight. You may have heard of them, actually.

Kristen of We are THAT Family e-mailed me a little while back to invite us over to sort through donations for Mercy House Kenya, a 501(c)(3) which they run out of their garage.

We pulled up and felt immediately welcomed by her family of five. They are a casual and humble bunch.

Did you know that they started a non-profit this past year? It's a maternity house in Kenya - a refuge for pregnant young women. The Mercy House will aid them in nutrition, housing, prenatal care, counseling, Biblical teaching, and job skills for sustainable living.

Day #30: Give with Mercy House Kenya in Houston, TX 2

Most of these girls are pregnant because of sex trafficking, rape, and prostitution. Many of them live on the streets. Many of them don't have enough food to eat (or even a roof over their heads). The Mercy House will provide them a reprieve, a way to welcome their babies into a safe place, and a new path to life.

The House is just getting ready to open (see right) and, when it does, the monthly minimum cost to run it will be $4,000. Kristen's family is sacrificing much and giving out of their own pockets, but they also need our help.

Here are a few immediate things you can do:

  • Shop at the Mercy House Etsy Shop. All items are made by the Welch family, by supporters, and/or donated by artists/crafters. 100% of the profits go to The Mercy House.
  • Donate your art to the Mercy House Etsy Shop. Do you have a knack for sewing, painting, jewelry making, or soap making? Donate your wares to be sold for this noble cause.
  • Buy Kristen's new book (just released last week!) - Don't Make Me Come Up There: Quiet Moments for Busy Moms.
  • Give $3 on the 3rd day of each month. It's a special thing they do each month to encourage people to remember the Mercy House.
  • Buy a t-shirt. Here's what they look like.
Day #30: Give with Mercy House Kenya in Houston, TX 3
Day #30: Give with Mercy House Kenya in Houston, TX 4
Day #30: Give with Mercy House Kenya in Houston, TX 5

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  1. I've been reading all my blogs, but lately I've been a lurker and an unfaithful commenter because I've been crazy busy and not feeling awesome. I had to come out of the woodwork for this one, though, because I read both of you daily and I'm excited that your worlds collided! I'm jealous, Steph, that you got to meet Kristen and her family. But I'm excited that you got to help with Mercy House! I've loved watching that story of faithfulness unfold, and I'm so excited to see what's going to happen as the Lord does amazing things with that house. :)

  2. P.S. Happy one month! I can't believe it's already been a month...crazy. Ava was over playing with the girls for a little bit this evening and it made me think of your post about your girls wanting to play with her.

  3. I love the $3 on the 3rd of each month idea - such a unique, affordable and easy way to give. I find that there are so many worthy charities out there that speak to my heart that I have trouble giving to all of them so instead I give to one and simply wish I could give to the rest - something like this makes it feasible to give to more.

  4. What a special event. How cool that you were able to have dinner and make a new friend along this journey. I love the tee shirt and as soon as I hit "post comment" I am going to look into buying one! I love hearing what other families are doing to help the world in their own unique way. Really really special. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. We LOVE The Mercy House and how excited was I when I opened your blog this morning and saw the two of you together!! Those t-shirts are HONESTLY the softest, most wonderful t-shirts you'll ever own! I wear mine every. single. time it's clean! :0)

    1. I agree! They're definitely not the standard promotional t-shirts. They're supremely soft and they fit exactly right. In fact, I'm wearing mine right now!

  6. We signed up to support them each month! Thanks for sharing this great org.! I am inspired and ready to get busy and see what I can do to help!

    1. Thanks so much, Amber. The Welch family is changing the world in a very tangible way...and so are you. Just think about all of those babies whose lives will be forever altered because of the Mercy House!

  7. I'm excited that my blog is a monthly Mercy House sponsor. So thankful that my readers support me so that WE can support THEM! Desperately trying to think of something you can do in Kansas so I can detour your trip this way. ;)

  8. This is so terrible to hear that things like this go on in the world. It is so inspiring to hear that people like you are doing something about it. This is a wonderful and I wish you all the best. I'll look into buying something from the Mercy House to do what I can to help out.

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