Day #29: Give Cookies to say "Thank You"

Day #29: Give Cookies to say "Thank You" 1

The first half of today consisted of scrambling around the fifth wheel, getting things put away so that we could leave Austin and head to Tomball (north of Houston). It takes us awhile to get everything ready to roll.

At around 1pm, we all jumped in the truck and drove away.

Before we left, we gave the owners of the campground a small token of appreciation - a plate of homemade oatmeal raisin cookies and a thank you card.

We'll be in the Houston area until Wednesday. Let us know if you have recommendations for non-profits, parks, or must-see attractions around these parts.

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  1. I'm in favor of both of the suggestions above. Also, you might like to volunteer at Give Back to Liberia Foundation. I used to help the founder, Dancy Powell. She's got a great vision of helping refugees in the greater Houston area, and then building schools, clinics, etc. back in Liberia.

  2. Oh man, I would love to meet you guys while you're here in town. I wish I could think of a way for you to help my non-profit, 1:17 which is an adoption and orphan care ministry. We're hosting a big fun run at the end of the month in Katy (west of Houston) and probably could use help stuffing packets, but I don't think we have all the materials ready yet! :( Well, there's also Star of Hope, a homeless shelter in Houston that always needs help, and the Pregnancy Help Center in Katy, and Katy Christian Ministries which has a food bank, a resale shop and other community services. Email me if you like any of these ideas, but if you've got a full schedule already don't worry about it :)

    The Houston Zoo is amazing...I absolutely love it. We're members there.

  3. Hey! I'm here! I have been reading but not commenting, so very sorry. I closed the blog but today I reopened it. Anyways, we lived in Katy for 6 months and that's where Eva was born, Tomball is so much better. I hated TX when we lived there but it was probably due to moving there when I was 20 weeks pregnant with no doctor. It wasn't a calm environment for me. I loved the Woodlands though. In Katy they didn't have any trees and since I hug trees, a tree is a must. :) Thanks for sharing your life!

  4. I love to give people an unexpected plate of cookies! And... I love oatmeal raisin cookies but haven't been able to find a recipe that comes out nice and chewy - they are always crispy. How are your cookies - if they are chewy will you please share the recipe!?

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