Day #25: Give A Coffee to Someone Next In Line

Day #25: Give A Coffee to Someone Next In Line 1

This morning I went to a coffee shop on the northeast side of Austin called Java Dive to get some work done. I needed to catch up on my email inbox and work on a few short videos for upcoming posts. I put "Starbucks" in my GPS but when I showed up at the coffee shop the sign said "Java Dive." Turns out it was just like Starbucks but with a different color scheme. I was there mostly for the internet connection so I wasn't disappointed.

On a typical morning I make coffee in our fifth wheel in my Cuisinart coffee maker. This morning was no different. When I showed up at Jave Dive, I already had a full tumbler of coffee in-hand.

I thought it would be fun to buy someone else a drink and didn't think the establishment would want me using the internet totally for free so I gave the barista $5 and told him to use it for the next customer that ordered a drink. Any remainder, I told him, was for the tip.

The guy looked at me with a confused look, "You want to pay for someone else?" I said, "yes" and smiled. Then I sat down and got to work.

I chose a seat close to a power outlet over one near the front so I didn't see the person who received my free coffee...but I did overhear the barista say, "Yes, and he is still here."

If I had been the recipient of a free drink, it would have made my day so I am sure whoever was there this morning appreciated the surprise.

Have you ever bought something for someone behind you in line?

12 comments on “Day #25: Give A Coffee to Someone Next In Line”

  1. We recently spent the day at Disneyland with friends. We had dinner in a buffet style restaurant and when it was our turn to pay the cashier told us that our friends had just bought us dinner. It was a pleasant surprise!

  2. I have paid an extra bus fare and told the driver it's for the next person who tries to pay. The first time I did this, the driver was confused--"Someone is meeting you farther down the route?"
    "Nope," I told her, "I'm just doing a random nice thing."
    "Oh. That's nice."
    Well that was the idea :).

  3. Nice! I LOVE doing this! Like you, I like to do it at coffee shops, and also at toll booths. We don't pass through toll booths too often, but we do like to pay the fee for the car behind us...and maybe, just maybe, they passed it on to the car behind them. We'll never know, but that is something that brings me great joy!

  4. I have been a part of something like this in the drive-thru at Starbucks. When we got to the window, they told us the person in front had paid for our order. So, we of course paid for the person behind us. Hopefully it went on for a while!

  5. I love this. We have done this several times. It is something that my 3 year old thinks is so fun. I can only imagine the excitement when you get up there to pay and you don't have to. I know it would totally make my day.

  6. We haven't done this (we really don't go to coffee shops very often), but oddly enough, it has happened to us! My husband ran in to Forza to get me a coffee before church, and the guy in front of him was paying and said "And I'll pay for this guy's too." And my husband said "Wow, okay, this is actually my wife's coffee, not mine...." and he said "Your wife's? Good! I hope she enjoys it." and paid for my coffee. My husband thanked him over and over and when he got back to the car he said 'My faith in humanity is restored!" :)

    We have done similar things (fast food restaurant, or leaving a huge tip at a sit-down restaurant), but never at a coffee shop.

  7. Love this idea.
    While attending a conference, my carful pulled up to pay for parking and were informed that the carload in front of us had paid for our parking. We were delighted and of course paid for those behind us. So much fun (and easy because we already had our money out & ready).

    Thanks for the reminder to do this sort of thing more often. You never know when it might change the course of someone's day by changing their attitude :)

  8. I like to do this at the drive through - it's a fun way to give randomly and I know it would put a smile on my face if I was ever on the receiving end! :)

  9. This happend to me the other day .. i was sooo happy.. shocked but happy, im now gunna do it 4 sum 1 :)

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