Day #22: Give Breakfast To The Homeless in Downtown Austin

Day #22: Give Breakfast To The Homeless in Downtown Austin 1

This morning, we hung out in downtown Austin with the homeless.

A handful of families convened and brought breakfast foods to an empty parking lot across from a shelter.

We served coffee, eggs, bacon, and cereal...out of the back of a pick-up truck.

Day #22: Give Breakfast To The Homeless in Downtown Austin 2

Our 4-year-old handed out homemade oatmeal raisin cookies and bananas. She took this task quite seriously.

Both Stephanie and I were able to pray with some people. Stephanie prayed for a woman who was worried she might be pregnant. I met three homeless men in particular who I won't forget - Michael, Collin, and Paul.

One of the cool things about the group that we gave with is that they serve breakfast like this on the fourth Saturday of every month!  They aren't a non-profit organization - just a group of friends who decided that they should care for the homeless. They make all of the food themselves and just show up (along with their small children). We were inspired by their example.

"Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Have you ever served food to the homeless? What might you and your friends be able to do to help the people in your community?

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  1. wow, that is really cool that is a group of friends who do this with their kids. I can't even tell you how inspired I've been by your new life on the road...and to think there will be 343 more days of it!! Thank you for all of your work and inspiration!

  2. LOVE this! Thanks for doing this and for serving in this way. It is such a need (in SO many communities). I love that your girl took her role so seriously and that you guys were able to pray for some of the people you met. That is the most important, best way you can meet their needs. We have quite a homeless population in our own town of Santa Cruz and we are increasingly aware of ways, tangible ways, that we can love and help them. My own kids have been challenging and inspiring us to really help those we come across.

  3. I used to volunteer at a shelter in my area. I worked there once a week for over a year and some of the relationships I met with the residents changed me and how I think about things. It made me value the ability to choose wisely, to have caring supportive family, and the need for family services. Many of the residents were Veterans and now that I have a brother returning home from Afghanistan, I saw firsthand the need for more support for our soldiers. The number of Vets who are homeless is a disgrace to our nation. I am sure your efforts were appreciated by those you cared for and prayed for.

  4. In highschool I went to downtown Kansas City to serve food to the homeless. The only requirement was that they attend a church service. One man read a poem to the group and later I talked with him and had him write it down for me. I kept that poem for years.

  5. Wow! Great story and a nice post. What is great is that you are involving your children in the process. They are learning some core values that they will use for their lifetime and share. Love what you are doing!

  6. I got tears in my eyes ooking the picture from this post! What an incredible thing you guys are teaching your girls and yourselves for that matter:)

    We are working on a family plan to help the homeless here in Tucson! Garrett is very passionate about giving to the homeless and we are going to make sure that we encourage him to help where he feels his heart is being led.

    On a side you love Austin? We have heard great things about that city from friends that moved there! We really want to visit Texas and enjoy all of it's beauty!!

    **We are looking forward to more ways to give through your examples**

  7. I can't tell you how much I look forward to reading these posts each day. I've been reading Metropolitan Mama for ages (although I dont have children yet) which is how I learned about this project. The work you are doing here is like a bright light in a often dark world both for those you serve and those who read the blog. Its great to see all of the ways you can give without simply writing a check, but rather connecting with others and often giving relationally.

    If you should ever find yourself with a day where your brains and bodies are tired and you aren't sure how to give, remember that you are giving hope and inspiration to ALL of us via this blog and that is certainly post-worthy. I wonder how exponentially giving from your readers has changed in the last 22 days...

  8. We always struggle to find giving activities that we can do with our kids, but you guys are making it look so effortless, I think I need to start putting less thought into it and just do it! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  9. I've also been looking for more activities that we can do as a family... I used to volunteer a ton before I had children of my own. Now that they are a bit older and capable of understanding the concept, we're wanting to volunteer as a family. I reached out to the Director at our preschool and she suggested that we join the "Sandwich Squad" through the church that our school is affiliated with. Every 8 weeks throughout this year, we will prepare 10+ sack lunches which are then combined with the Team's and delivered to various shelters and agencies around the city. It took us about an hour on a Saturday morning before soccer games, and we set it up like an assembly line in our kitchen: My husband and I made the sandwiches, our boys decorated and stuffed the sacks with sandwiches, a drink, a piece of fruit and a little dessert. The kids had fun and I think they were able to understand what we were doing. Next time we plan to help with the actual delivery of the lunches so that the kids can see and experience a bit more...

  10. I think it's awesome that this group of friends simply does this every month on their own without fanfare or a non-profit organization behind them. This is what our country needs more of - people who simply help each other out.

  11. I have fed the homeless and loved doing it. It is about time I took my girls to the shelter and let them give a little. Thanks for the reminders of all the ways we can give.

Our family spent 2011 traveling the USA in an RV, striving to intentionally "give every day" for the glory of God. We interviewed CEOs of nonprofits and served alongside over 40 organizations and churches.

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