Day #141: Give a Push When Someone Runs Out of Gas

Day #141: Give a Push When Someone Runs Out of Gas 1

We were coming back from a day in NYC with friends who live in New Jersey and pulled into a gas station for fuel and a restroom break.

A man driving a Toyota Camry stalled his car less than a 100 yards from the pumps. He had completely run out of gas. I saw one of the fuel station employees walking over to the vehicle so I followed. The car was on a slope so I new they needed more man power.

A minute later our friends that we had been riding with also came over to help push. While Stephanie watched all the kids, the 5 of us were able to push the car up the hill and to the gas pump.

Have you ever run out of gas?

One comment on “Day #141: Give a Push When Someone Runs Out of Gas”

  1. We can't count the times I've run out of gas - back when I was in college and drove a clunker with a non-working gas gauge. And even later when I thought I could go just a little farther before I had to fill up... I'm thankful for the "you're out of gas - pay attention to the gauge!!!!!" ding-er I have on my current vehicle :D

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