Day #138: Give Cans For Recycling

Day #138: Give Cans For Recycling 1

As we drive across America, we get to see many different places. Out of our windows we've passed swamps, mountains, and beaches. Some have been uninviting; others breathtaking.

Every so often Kayla will look out her window and shout, "Daddy! Mommy! look! Isn't that beautiful?"  She is right - America is beautiful and we are blessed to be able to enjoy it.

As a family, we try to be conscious to keep our environment as healthy as possible. We don't litter and we recycle when we can.

There is an aluminum can drop-off here at our campground so we have been saving cans to donate. Today, we dropped off the cans. A local volunteer fire department benefits by cashing in the cans to be recycled.

Do you recycle? Why or why not?

4 comments on “Day #138: Give Cans For Recycling”

  1. I've got a post about recycling half-written in my head... We don't recycle much (unfortunately!) but it's because of how "hard" it is to recycle here. i.e. there are so many rules about the recycling that it doesn't get done because I don't need one more thing to keep up with. I do recycle some, just not near what I'd like to. In contrast... when we were in California I was once again amazed by how simple it is to recycle out there - I'd love to see the difference in our local landfills if our state took to recycling like California has.

  2. We do recycle but not as much as we could. I have found that when I am really into it and watch everything that is ready to either be thrown out or recycled, we have more to recycle than to add to the landfills. Our problem is that our recycling bin doesn't hold a whole lot. (It is the typical size of a laundry basket.) We could actually fill our herby-curby full of recycling and our recycling bin full of trash. But that would just confuse the garbage man! We bag the recycling, so we can put two full bags in the recycling bin and it doesn't blow around the neighborhood when the winds pick up. So what tends to happen here is that once the recycling bin is full, we fill up the trash can. It's not the ideal, but we are recycling. If they made the recycling bins the size of the herby curbys, we would have a lot more recycling to offer.

    1. In AZ it was easy. We had a big trash barrel and a big recycling barrel. The recycled items just got thrown in all together.

  3. Thanks for this post. If you're anywhere near Mission Viejo then you have got to go to The Shops at Mission Viejo for your back to school clothes. They, in conjunction with the city and Waste Management are offering a Super Recycler award to retailers.

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