Day #133: Give with Jubilee Ministries in Lebanon, PA

Day #133: Give with Jubilee Ministries in Lebanon, PA 1

Today, we met with the executive director of Jubilee Ministries in Lebanon and toured their massive 3-story 70,000 sqft used clothing store. I felt like we were visiting a JCPenny's instead of a thrift store.

Jubilee re-sells clothing and household items (including large furniture) to support chaplains in prisons in their surrounding county and transitional housing programs for men and women released from prison.

We also visited Jubilee's two houses that provide beds and reentry programs for 44 men and women.

We have toured a number of thrift stores over the past 4 1/2 months. Jubilee's store is the cleanest and most organized we have seen so far.

Jubilee's biggest need is for people to volunteer to be mentors. The executive director said that studies show that if a prisoner is released with a mentor he/she is far less likely to become a repeat offender. Mentors are asked to meet with their matched man or woman once or twice a month.

What is your favorite thrift store?

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  1. So much can be offered through RELATIONSHIP. We are thinking about adopting an international student for the summer... A little different than someone fresh out of prison, but still a great opportunity to love and care.

  2. I go to Savers. I love how it is organized. Everything by size and color. It is very easy to find exactly what I am looking for.

  3. We have a local thrift store in Gunnison called Six Points. Six Points helps the disabled citizens with programs, training and jobs. Everyone dontates their used clothes, skis, bikes, books, etc...

  4. Around here the most organized thrift store is Savers - but I find better deals at some of the others... However I'd love to visit a thrift store like Jubilee! I also have to agree - mentors are awesome, for anyone, in any stage of life. I'm sure they are definitely an encouragement to those trying to start over after a stay in prison.

  5. My favorite one is the "22nd Street Thrift Store" ( I get many of my clothes there! You can always get 50% off and it is always very organized by type & color. I have bought DVDS, books, shoes and more there as well! It supports the Tucson Police Foundation which helps foster public safety through community building, education, and outreach. Its just east of Pantano on the North side of 22nd Street here in Tucson, AZ.

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