Day #122: Give to Krista

Day #122: Give to Krista 1

Congratulations to Krista from WA - this week’s featured giver and prize winner (Sena Cases leather ipad case).

Krista's story:

Day #122: Give to Krista 2

Yesterday, I made a donation to miskellany through The Diaper Diaries and Vanderbilt Wife. Kelly has a tumor on her optical nerve and after the surgery (in a week or two) she may end up blind. She’s not yet 30 and has a 2 year old. She just wanted comfy pajamas for her recovery. I’ll also be sending many prayers her way.

A new prize winner is selected each week! To enter, you can leave a comment on igive any (or every) day of the week.

Day #122: Give to Krista 3

Our next prize is a gift certificate for Four at The Old Spaghetti Factory! The pasta-based family restaurant offers freshly made pasta and spaghetti sauces served in an atmosphere of antiques and fun. You can follow The Old Spaghetti Factory on Facebook.

4 comments on “Day #122: Give to Krista”

    1. Well, that means they'll have lots of us to visit when they get out this way, no? :) Can't wait for that!

      PS. Tim, we don't have an iPad so you can pass this on to someone else. I was hoping for the UV Skinz from last week, but I guess I entered too late! :)

  1. Congrats Krista! On another note, when we lived out near St. Louis we'd go to the Old Spaghetti Factory a couple of times a year. So FUN! But there aren't any franchises up in Massachusetts near us now..Bummer!

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