Day #120: Give a Memory

Day #120: Give a Memory 1

Today, we visited Colonial Jamestown - a significant part of American History we are thankful we were able to see.

At the entrance of the Living Museum of Jamestown, there is a fountain that looks like one of the ships from the Settlers. As we were leaving, an older couple was standing in front of it taking pictures of one another. They were just arriving and excited to be there - anticipating the history lesson they were about to encounter.

I asked if they would like me to take their picture together. "Oh, would you!" the women said. "That woud be great," remarked the man. They handed me their camera and I took a couple of different poses of them with the fountain in the background.

Do you appreciate it when someone asks if they can take a picture for you of your whole family?

8 comments on “Day #120: Give a Memory”

  1. YES! :) It seems that people are so fearful about approaching others these days.

    We were at the beach last year and there was a family of 4. Mom was taking pictures of dad and the girls, dad was taking pictures of mom and the girls. They were pretty far off, but we made our way over there. I was a little hesitant to ask and by the time I got there, dad was pretty far off, playing in the surf with the girls. Mom was so thrilled that she called them all back so we could get a family picture.

    Thankfully we have picture view now, so we don't get Chevy Chase type pictures, right?

    1. Pictures are awesome to have.

      About 1/2 the time when someone takes our picture they chop off our heads or cut one of us out. We are still happy to get them though. And no cost really with the digital camera. :)

  2. Yes I do! At Multnomah Falls a friend of ours took a picture of our family - unfortunately he took it with his camera and not mine so I don't have a copy yet (he doesn't do email...) but he's good about sending pictures along so I'm sure we'll see it eventually!

  3. Always! And we always offer to take photos for people...especially at Disneyland! ;D

  4. Yes! Love to take photos for other people. And try my best to not be the person who cuts the heads out! But I am notorious for offering photos to other people. I guess because I always appreciate those who do it for me!

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