Day #113: Give Travel Packs to Kids

Day #113: Give Travel Packs to Kids 1

We met a really neat family with three kids here at our campground. They are traveling full-time - enjoying being together and exploring the country.

This morning they left for another campground in PA. Before they hit the road, we said our goodbyes and gave each of their three boys a special package of snacks and toys to entertain them on the road.

Day #113: Give Travel Packs to Kids 2

Our girls had fun picking out the items and putting them in bags. We gave them small things: fruit snacks, granola bars, a removable sticker book, a card game, a note pad, and bookmarks.

Sometimes, we give our girls things they don't normally have (special snacks, fun stickers, etc.) when we travel. It helps make the trip a little less tedious.

What items would you include in a travel pack for kids?

8 comments on “Day #113: Give Travel Packs to Kids”

  1. AND bandaids. A friend recommended this to me. Give them a bunch of bandaids (colorful=better). It takes a while to unwrap them and then they can stick them all over their bodies. Fun times.

  2. When we moved from AZ to AR my husband made a map of our route with our stops marked along the way and then every so often we had them draw on the map what they saw out the window they loved it!

      1. Yeah, we bought those Color Wonder travel packs and it has a clip board on front - worked great, and the Color Wonder was great too!

  3. I picked up a magnetic animal themed bingo game for my kids to play with on our recent trip - we didn't play "Bingo" but the kids enjoyed spinning the spinner and putting the magnets on the different animals. I'm sure in another year or two they'll actually be playing Bingo!

    We usually do colored pencils or the Color Wonder stuff on road trips - that way if they get left in the car they don't melt all over the place. Stickers are always good too. I love the bandaid idea - my kids would really get into that, the map idea would be fun too when the kids get just a little bit bigger.

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