Day #109: Give a Website Setup

Day #109: Give a Website Setup 1

Our friends Jay and Kristen (and their two small children) have been camping with us the last couple of days. We've been enjoying their company - swimming in the lake, picnicking outside, and talking about faith & family.

Jay started a real estate business with a philanthropic component this past year in Richmond, VA. He gives one tenth of one percent of every home he sells to Hope International to be used as a micro loan for families who would otherwise never have access to loans.

To support his new business venture, I spent several hours helping Jay launch a new website from the ground-up. I walked him through setting up a hosting service, buying a domain name, and installing WordPress. I also fielded his questions about how to choose a blogging platform, design and layout considerations, basic SEO, installing plugins to add functionality, and more.

Do you have a small business in need of a new website or blog? Please contact me for rates - I'd be happy to discuss custom packages with you.

4 comments on “Day #109: Give a Website Setup”

  1. haha me! I would love to know your rates... although I am "stuck" in an endless loop of still deciding what design changes I want to make for my blog... but it would be good to know if I can afford ya! :) feel free to shoot me an email with your rates if you like! :)

  2. um... Yeah!!!! You know, when you and Stephanie first started this venture, I thought to myself that this type of thing (web development, tech support and education) would be a great way for you guys to go.... for both philanthropic and business purposes. Obviously, great minds DO think alike ;-). I'm so glad to see you post this today. Just in the nick of time for us and our business. I'll email you with more specifics.

  3. I'm actually in the process of researching web design training. As a long-time print graphic designer who never messed with web stuff except to help other collaborators out - I know just enough to be dangerous :) but I've reached the point in my work where I have to learn and expand my skill-set or my business will never grow!

    Do you have any learning resources to recommend?

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