Day #10: Give a Comment

Day #10: Give a Comment 1

Both Tim and I are avid readers. We read on our phones and on our laptops; we read blogs and we read good old-fashioned hard copy books (although we would really like to try a Kindle now that we are on-the-road).

As we read, we are often inspired, challenged, and moved. We learn new things. We discuss alternate viewpoints. We are motivated to action.

As much as possible, we try to acknowledge the writer behind the words. Writers spend enormous amounts of time, mental energy, and research to ensure that they are presenting their very best.

  • If we are reading a blog, we try to leave a thoughtful comment, an encouraging word, or a relevant question on the post.
  • If we read an outstanding magazine article, we try to track down the author online to send an e-mail or a message on Twitter.
  • If we read a book that leaves an impression, we let the author know.

As bloggers, we know that each and every comment is a we decided to give that gift to others. Today, we spent extra time expressing gratitude to the writers we appreciate.

10 comments on “Day #10: Give a Comment”

  1. What a lovely way to give.
    I am taking a moment to acknowledge that you two are a couple of writers that I like to read.
    I need to get better about commenting on the blogs that I "admire from afar" i.e. peek at but don't know the writers personally. So much good stuff to read, so little time...
    Hoping for a Kindle sometime this year too.
    Just curious, what you do to acknowledge the book authors you like? Comment on websites?

  2. Fabulous post! And I agree with Dayna. You two are people whose posts I always love to read and am often inspired by. Thanks for being a part of my day! :-)

  3. You are living your life right now fully in the moment. Every day has purpose and intention. You are the exact opposite of "going through the motions" of life. You are inspiring, simply inspiring. I look forward to seeing your daily post and reading about what creative way you have decided to give a part of yourself and who the lucky recipient is.

  4. I soak it up all day & night & really need to stop & appreciate. Thanks. Love my free kindle app for my iPhone on the road!

  5. Your first 10 days of giving have been soo inspiring to me! I've decided to try to do my best to "give everyday" as well on a much smaller scale...thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us!

  6. I appreciate the words you guys write! And, it is a gift when you comment on my writing, too. I really do love it! I also try to comment on the blogs I read. (But it is not as often right now. I always have Kendall i my arms right now. So, it's the tedious left hand chicken peck typing...)

  7. I've been so inspired by your story. Last week I challenged my kids (and myself) to do one act of service a day and then we talk about what we did each night. I want them to step outside of themselves and be aware of what's going on around them. Then at church Sunday, I shared your story with the 16/17 year old Sunday School class I teach and gave them the same challenge as I gave my kids.

    Not only are you changing lives with your journey, you are inspiring so many others to join in.


    1. We didn't realize it at first either. It's turning out to be more challenging (and more rewarding) than we originally thought. Thinking up something new every day requires creativity, discipline, and commitment.

  8. I think I'm one of the bloggers that was blessed by this gift. Thank you - it really does mean a lot. I'm trying to return the gift by commenting on each of your giving posts. I know how encouraging a comment can be and how challenging the life you are living this year can get to be - so I want to be there encouraging you to keep going. I'm behind... as you can tell :) but am doing my best to catch up. This morning reading your blog has been exactly what I needed - a start of the day of looking outside of myself and my little world to the bigger world around me.

Our family spent 2011 traveling the USA in an RV, striving to intentionally "give every day" for the glory of God. We interviewed CEOs of nonprofits and served alongside over 40 organizations and churches.

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