In Tucson, AZ: Project F.E.E.D.

In Tucson, AZ: Project F.E.E.D. 1

This afternoon, our family of four participated in Project F.E.E.D. (Feed Everyone Every Day), a program of The Giving Tree in Tucson, AZ.

The organization serves hot meals to anyone in need - every Thursday and Sunday from 4:30-5:30pm. If you want to volunteer, you just show up and start serving. No need to R.S.V.P. In fact, people are encouraged to bring a main dish, side dish, or dessert to add to the meal.

We decided to bring all of the ingredients for yogurt parfaits. We packed 2 tubs of plain mountain high yogurt, a box of granola, a bowl of fresh fruit [diced apples, oranges, bananas, and raspberries], clear plastic party glasses, and spoons. Then, we layered the ingredients, added a dollop of whipped cream, and handed them out.

I'm proud to say that the parfaits are a food I would gladly serve to my own family because they're nutritious and made w/ high-quality ingredients. I've been thinking lately about how it's common to give subpar foods to the poor, like boxed mac & cheese or hamburger helper...instead of fruits, veggies, breads, and dairy.

The experience was exhilarating for all of us. I held our 21-month-old on my hip (next time, I'll bring my ERGO). Our 4-year-old took her job of handing out parfaits very seriously. Afterward, she said, "It's fun to serve!" Indeed.

Are there any soup kitchens or food banks in your area where you might be able to lend a hand? (This is a doable project for couples w/ babies too...just wear a carrier and you're golden).

The Giving Tree from Give Every Day on Vimeo.

Our family spent 2011 traveling the USA in an RV, striving to intentionally "give every day" for the glory of God. We interviewed CEOs of nonprofits and served alongside over 40 organizations and churches.

Our Pledge

We hereby pledge:

- To spend intimate, quantity time with our family.
- To actively help the poor, the sick, the lonely, and the helpless.
- To value, protect, and advocate for children.
- To de-emphasize the importance of “stuff” in our lives.
- To bring publicity to good causes and good people.
- To live with intentionality, as if this year was our very last.
- To observe the needs in our country/community – and then do something about them.
- To give – every day.

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