7 Ways To Support Give Every Day

7 Ways To Support Give Every Day 1

Many would say that the adventure we're about to embark on is "Impossible!" "Crazy!" "Difficult!" "Unbelievable!"

They are right. Selling everything to help others wasn't/isn't an easy thing. There are times of stress and worry as we consider our finances and our future.

Ultimately, however, we have peace about the impossibilities, a peace that truly surpasses understanding. We are choosing to do hard things. We are excited to give.

In the midst of all this, people keep asking, "What can I do to help?"

There actually is something you can do...

1) Pray for us. Each of us. Whenever you think of us. Pray for clarity, contentment, wisdom, patience, creativity, gentleness, good health, and peace.

2) Comment on our posts. We love hearing from you and read every comment. Your feedback often encourages us and gives us new ideas.

3) Stay connected with us. Like Give Every Day on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter (Tim - Steph). If you like, you can connect directly with Tim or Stephanie on Facebook too.

4) When you shop at Amazon, stop here first. Do you see the "Shop Amazon" button at the bottom of the homepage? Click on it and it will take you to Amazon.com. A small percentage of anything you buy from that session will be sent to the Give Every Day affiliate.

5) If you have a small business or work for a larger company, consider sponsoring Give Every Day. We are actively seeking launch sponsors and have silver, gold, & platinum packages available. Custom packages can include sidebar and banner advertising, video ads, live demos of products, and social media promotions. You can also contact us to inquire about getting your logo wrapped on our truck or 5th wheel.

6) Buy advertising for your favorite non-profit or business. If you don't personally own a business, why not purchase an ad for your sister's etsy shop, your best friend's new business, or a local charity that you believe in? They'll get incredible exposure nationwide and we'll send them a special note letting them know about your gift. Please e-mail us for a rate sheet.

7) Give Every Day. Choose to give something every day to the people in your community - something small, something large. A smile. A meal. An hour. Together, we will make a difference.

Thank you for being a part of the "Give Every Day" movement.

We can't wait to come to your city.

Our family spent 2011 traveling the USA in an RV, striving to intentionally "give every day" for the glory of God. We interviewed CEOs of nonprofits and served alongside over 40 organizations and churches.

Our Pledge

We hereby pledge:

- To spend intimate, quantity time with our family.
- To actively help the poor, the sick, the lonely, and the helpless.
- To value, protect, and advocate for children.
- To de-emphasize the importance of “stuff” in our lives.
- To bring publicity to good causes and good people.
- To live with intentionality, as if this year was our very last.
- To observe the needs in our country/community – and then do something about them.
- To give – every day.

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